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Expert Witnessing. Physicians who serve as expert witnesses earn on average more than $500 per hour for their time, most of which is spent reviewing medical records from home. If you like to teach and are interested in applying your communications and medical skills in a different way, please consider the following SEAK resources:

Independent Medical Examiner. If your specialty is orthopedics, PM&R, neurology, neurosurgery, pain, chiropractic, occupational medicine, psychology or psychiatry, you are well positioned to be able to supplement or replace your clinical income by performing exams for insurance companies. You are paid on average $500-$2,500 or more for each exam, depending upon complexity and there is relatively little potential malpractice liability. For more information on becoming an independent medical examiner, please see:

File Review Consulting. An excellent way to both supplement your clinical income and build experience for a non-clinical career is to perform file reviews, peer reviews, chart reviews, etc. These can be done from home and are low stress assignments. You are usually paid $85-$150/hour for this work. Board certification and an active clinical practice are often required. To get started, please consider SEAK’s National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants.

Physician Inventing.  For information about physician inventing, please click here.

Physician Consulting.  For information about becoming a physician consultant, please click here.

Physician Writer.  For information about how to make money as a physician writer, please click here.

Life Care Planning.  Life care planning is a lucrative form of expert witnessing that may not require an active clinical practice.  For more information please click here.