SEAK can email your job posting to its physician alumni network of 2,500+ past conference attendees.  These alumni are extremely committed physicians who paid on average over $2000 in tuition and spent a full weekend attending our Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference.

SEAK’s job posting service is available for employed positions only (no independent contractors), minimum of half time (20 hours per week) required.  It is not available for the 4 months immediately preceding our annual conference (Approximately Mid-May to Mid-October).  Those wishing to reach candidates during this time frame are encouraged to come and recruit in person at the conference where we have 350-400 physician attendees each year who are very serious about alternative careers.

Job postings are emailed directly to our 2,500+ past conference attendees.

To inquire about posting a listing and to receive a quote, please email Alex Babitsky at and include:
–  Job title
–  Job description
–  Job qualifications
–  If the job is posted online, pls include a link to the job information


All job postings are subject to approval from SEAK.