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How Much Money Does a Physician Freelance Medical Writer Earn?

A physician freelance medical writer can make very good money.  Freelance medical writers who are doctors typically charge by the hour.  The hourly rate for physician writers can be $100-$150 or even more.  This means that successful freelancers can earn well over $200,000 per year. I
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How Much Money Does a Physician Consultant Working at a Consulting Firm Make?

Working for a consulting firm can be a highly lucrative alternative career for medical doctors. As healthcare represents more than 1/6 of the U.S. economy, there are numerous opportunities for physicians to work as consultants.  Some of the biggest consulting firms who operate in the
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How Much Money Does a Non-Clinical Physician Working as a Medical Director with a Health Insurer Make?

Non-Clinical jobs with health insurers are fairly numerous. Even better, medical director jobs with payors exist in all states. Physicians working non-clinically for health insurers typically serve as Medical Directors and start out as Associate Medical Directors. The starting salary
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Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians: Medical Device Companies

There is a tremendous need for surgeons to join medical device companies. Many of these companies are expanding rapidly and are hiring. Becker’s Spine Review reports on a few of the rapidly expanding US medical device companies. Here is a list: Alphatec (Carlsbad, Calif.). Arthrex (Na
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How to Transition to a Non-Clinical Career

Many physicians are considering leaving clinical medicine to pursue a non-clinical career. These physicians will want to take an inventory of their transferrable skills. Physicians considering a career change will want to conduct a transferrable skills analysis (TSA). This TSA should
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Opportunities for Physicians in Teaching

Physicians who are considering cutting back or completely leaving their clinical practice are turning to the many opportunities in the teaching field. Some of the best opportunities for teaching are: Teaching in academic medical schools and teaching hospitals. Clinical faculty appoint
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Physician Coaching Careers

One of the hottest non-clinical careers for physicians is coaching. With physician dissatisfaction at an all-time high physicians are coaching other physicians who want to transition out of clinical medicine. Physicians seeking additional information on how to be a physician career co
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Wealth Management Careers for Physicians

Dr. Doug Burnette who will be speaking at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Conference for Physicians, October 22-23, 2016 in Chicago was recently interviewed about careers for physicians in wealth management. Here are the results of the interview: Doug Burnette, MD  Q.  Dr. Burnette, wha
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Physician Inventors Making a Difference

Physician inventors have been in the forefront of some of the most important medical inventions in the last 50 years. These physicians have helped millions of patients and have become financially independent as well. Dr. Richard Chesbrough will be speaking on physician inventing at th
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