The biggest impediment to career transition is inertia.

Q. How much non-clinical opportunity is out there for physicians?
A. More than you can imagine. Our 40+ faculty members who are physicians working non-clinically will be providing inside information on dozens of non-clinical career paths. Your biggest challenge will likely be deciding which of many possible roads to follow.

Q. Will work from home positions be discussed? How about part time roles?
A. Yes, many of the fields covered offer remote based opportunities. In fact, many of our faculty work remotely. Many of the fields discussed also have part time/contract opportunities available.

Q. Does the conference work?
A. We have been thrilled with the enormous positive feedback we have received with numerous attendees calling their experience “life changing”. Click here for hundreds of testimonials. We are also very proud that the majority of our faculty consists of conference alumni looking to pay it forward.

Q. Do attendees find jobs at the conference?
A. Yes! We will once again be inviting recruiters and employers to the conference. Our recruiters and employers traditionally conduct hundreds of interviews onsite and hire many of our physician attendees. Last year industries represented included pharma, consulting, insurance, education, independent review and others. Additionally, attendees find jobs through their networking at the conference.

Q. How does the free mentoring/networking work?
A. Attendees have the opportunity to sign up for 15 minute 1-1 mentoring sessions with our large and diverse panel of mentors. You will have numerous opportunities to network with faculty and fellow attendees during the conference.

Q. What is the age of your typical attendee and why do they come to the conference?
A. It runs the full range. Each year we have 375+ attendees and this will include medical students, interns, residents and physicians in their 70s. Our attendees come for many reasons including wanting to make more money, have more control over their schedule, looking for new challenges, a physical disability that prevents them from practicing medicine, or simply no longer enjoying the practice of medicine.

Q. Are there opportunities for physicians without Boards, Residency or even a US License?
A. Yes. Many of the fields discussed have positions that do not require current Boards (including Pharma, Consulting, Writing, Speaking, Coaching, MSL, Investments, Communications, Startups and Teaching) and some of our faculty members do not have Boards.

Q. How many of the main conference attendees attend one or more of the preconferences?
A. Over 50%, as the information contained in the preconferences is not covered in the main conference.

Join us for an eye opening and inspiring weekend where you can explore dozens of non-clinical opportunities available to you.

This course is designed for physicians who:

• Don’t enjoy going to work every day
• Are interested in making more money than clinical medicine provides
• Are ready for new challenges
• Want to explore their options
• Are frustrated and dissatisfied with their current career
• Want to learn how to locate and land lucrative non-clinical positions
• Are looking for additional income/challenges
• Would like to eliminate the stress and time commitments of their current career and spend more time with their families
• Are looking to jump start their career transition
• Are deciding whether to change careers
• Need a jumping off point on their career transition

Benefits of SEAK’s Non-Clinical Careers Conference:

• Find out what’s out there, how to get it and how much it pays
• One-on-one mentoring
• Meet with employers and recruiters
• See with your own eyes that switching to a non-clinical career has more financial potential than clinical medicine and is in fact a step forward, not a step backwards
• Learn from numerous doctors who have successfully made the switch and hear how it is done
• Become empowered by knowing that you are far from alone in your desire for change
• Network with faculty, speakers, mentors, recruiters and fellow attendees
• Get your process of career change moving into high gear
• Form a customized action plan to position yourself for and successfully make your career transition

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