Interviewer: You employ physicians and you’re looking for more physicians. What do the doctors do for you?

Interviewee: They are involved in the core product marketing team, just like an art director and a copywriter, and the account person, which is the liaison between the client and the agency. We call it the “Quad.” Those four are the primary leads for the team, which can be another 80 people, perhaps, on the team, and really focusing on setting the goals and objectives.

On a day-to-day basis, what the person typically does is working within the Quad, working with the core product team and very closely with the client, but also talking to key opinion leaders, developing that very fertile field out there for information, doing research and peer-reviewed articles, understanding where are the competitors are, what’s in their pipeline, what could even be in our client’s pipeline. Attending conferences that they would probably be attending anyway because of their therapeutic background and their knowledge, and providing insights into the marketing team so that they can talk better to the client and determine where we want to head with recommendations for the next steps.

Interviewer: Thank you.