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Day One, Saturday, October 19, 2019 

7:30–8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters 

8:30–9:30 Proven Strategies for a Successful Career Transition

Ryan Bayley, MD

Physicians have all of the ingredients for career transition success – they are intelligent, driven, problem solvers who do not shy away from a challenge. And yet most physicians seeking change get stuck, because the behaviors that allow them to survive medical school and become good physicians actually dramatically undermine their ability to make big career transitions. Dr. Bayley will explore how physicians get in their own way,and the top counterintuitive strategies physicians need for career transition success. Questions & Answers 

bayley.jpgRyan Bayley, MD is a successful physician coach. His practice ( focuses on burnout resilience, career transition, and leadership and serves both individual physicians (and non-physicians) and institutions. Dr. Bayley is an Emergency Medicine Physician and still works clinically a few shifts each month. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and his MD from Vanderbilt. Dr. Bayley is a SEAK alumnus. 

9:30–10:30 Introduction of the Mentors and the Recruiters. The conference mentors and recruiters will introduce themselves and briefly describe their background and areas of interest. 

10:30–11:15 Break and Mentoring and Employer Sign Up Time. Attendees will sign up for individual sessions with recruiters and mentors. 

11:15–12:00 How to Use LinkedIn For Your Non-Clinical Transition

Heather Fork, MD, MCC

LinkedIn can be a critical tool for any career transition. Dr. Fork will teach proven strategies to dramatically improve your LinkedIn profile and strengthen your online brand. She will show you how to harness the networking and job searching power of LinkedIn to find new job opportunities without revealing yourself to your employers and colleagues. Dr. Fork will also show you how to use LinkedIn to prepare for job interviews and find physicians from nonclinical sectors for advice and mentorship. Questions and Answers

fork-heather-ncc16.jpgHeather Fork, MD, MCC is an ICF certified coach and founder of The Doctor’s Crossing ( For the past 10 years, she has been helping physicians find more fulfillment both in medicine and in non-clinical careers. In addition to coaching, she also blogs for The Doctor’s Crossing and does recruiting for several non-clinical companies. Dr. Fork ran her own dermatology practice for 9 years and is a SEAK alumnus. 

12:00–1:00 LUNCH (Provided with Faculty, Mentors, and Recruiters) 

1:00–1:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities for Physicians as a Speaker

Lynette Charity, MD

Dr. Charity will explain the process for how to obtain and excel at paid speaking engagements. She will discuss what organizations who hire speakers are looking for and how to improve your speaking skills. In addition, Dr. Charity will discuss the practical aspects of building a keynote/inspirational speaking practice including finding gigs, social media, your web page, speaker’s bureaus, and negotiating and collecting your fee. Dr. Charity will provide practical advice for how to launch and grow your career as a professional speaker. Questions & Answers 

charity.jpgLynette Charity, MD is an award-winning motivational/inspirational speaker ( Dr. Charity has presented nationally and internationally. She is an anesthesiologist and SEAK alumna with over 35 years of experience “putting people to sleep.” In aspiring to become a doctor, she met many dream smashers; people who wanted to “Squish! Squash! STOMP!” on her dream. As a young girl growing up in the segregated South, she was once told “No Medical School is gonna accept a Colored girl.” She persevered and now helps to “wake people UP” to go after THEIR dreams through sharing her story of overcoming obstacles of racial bias, gender bias and age bias. Now a sexagenarian, she has hit the Trifecta being African-American, female AND on Medicare. Dr. Charity graduated with honors from Chatham College for Women in Pittsburgh, PA, and earned her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. She has practiced nationally, internationally and as a U.S. Army doctor, achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel. 

B. Opportunities in the Life Insurance Industry

Anthony Norelli, MD

Dr. Norelli will describe the opportunities for physicians with the numerous US Life Insurance Companies. He will explain the underwriting and other work physicians typically do in a life insurance company, hours, work environment (including potential work from home), the compensation range that can be expected for new hires, the typical corporate compensation and benefit structure, what the work consists of on a day-to-day basis, and the specialties and clinical experience which are most appropriate for this endeavor. Dr. Norelli will explain how and where to obtain the skills needed to succeed as a medical director at a life insurance company. He will provide practical tips for positioning yourself for such work and landing a first time position in the life insurance industry. Questions & Answers

norelli.jpgAnthony Norelli, MD is a Medical Director at Allstate Life and Retirement. Prior to joining Allstate in 2016, Dr. Norelli spent 8 years with Northwestern Mutual Life where he was trained on underwriting and claims for life, disability, and long term care. Dr. Norelli earned his undergraduate degree from Marquette and his MD from Medical College of Wisconsin. Prior to his transition to non-clinical work he was in private practice as a family practitioner. 


2:00–2:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities for Physicians at Consulting Firms

Donald M. Bradshaw, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACHE, FAAPL

Many consulting companies employ physicians and engage physicians as contractors. Dr. Bradshaw will survey the types of projects physicians at consulting firms may work on and discuss the range of possible clients they may serve. He will explain the characteristics which are a good fit for this work including problem solving skills, listening skills, being a team player, and willingness to think in an evolving fashion. Dr. Bradshaw will discuss what a typical day could be like, travel requirements, compensation & benefits, working conditions, opportunities for advancement, qualifications and experience needed, and how physician consultants are called upon to tap into their clinical knowledge. He will provide practical suggestions for those physicians who wish to break into working for a consulting firm. Questions & Answers 

bradshaw.jpgDonald M. Bradshaw, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACHE, FAAPL is a senior Physician Advisor with Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. – a global advisory organization of 24,225 diverse, passionate, and exceptional people driven to excel, do right, and realize positive change in everything they do. Dr. Bradshaw served 32 years in the US Army and retired as a Brigadier General in 2009. His military experience includes CEO of the Southeast Regional Medical Command and CEO of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. Dr. Bradshaw’s professional experience includes Vice President, Clinical Transformation for Evolent Health, Senior VP, Federal Health Operations, SAIC and Senior Partner, Healthcare for Martin-Blanck and Associates – a health care consulting company. Dr. Bradshaw earned his BS from Wheaton (Illinois), his MPH from University of Washington (Washington) and his MD from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Maryland). 

B. Utilization Review Opportunities for Physicians with Independent Review Organizations (IROs and Health Insurers

Jawaria Suhail, MD

Dr. Suhail will describe the numerous full time and part time/contract opportunities open to physicians performing utilization reviews for IROs and health insurers. She will discuss compensation to expect and what physicians in this field do on a day to day basis including peer-to-peer discussions, guideline development, providing alternative service suggestions, and conducting first-level provider appeals. She will explain the different types of reviews (prospective, retrospective, appeals, etc.) physicians may be called upon to perform. Dr. Suhail will give a frank assessment of the numerous powerful advantages to this work including the opportunity to work from home in many cases, the potential for a flexible schedule, manageable hours/schedule, and intellectually stimulating work that vastly increases your medical knowledge. She will also provide insight on potential drawbacks including repetition and occasionally dealing with upset peers. Finally, Dr. Suhail will provide suggestions for locating and landing your first position in this field, with a specific focus on effective networking. Questions and Answers

suhail.jpgJawaria Suhail, MD currently serves as a home based Associate Medical Director for eviCore Health. Previously, she worked as a Physician Reviewer for Anthem. Prior to transitioning, Dr. Suhail practiced Family Medicine and then later as a Hospitalist. Dr. Suhail grew up in Saudi Arabia, went to medical school in Pakistan, and trained in family medicine in Chicago. Dr. Suhail is Board Certified in family medicine. She is the proud single mother of 3 children and a SEAK alumna.  


3:00-3:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities with Startups

Andrea Paul, MD

Many physicians would enjoy working in entrepreneurial ventures if they knew what was involved. Dr. Paul will discuss the practical considerations for those considering becoming a startup physician-entrepreneur including turning your idea into reality, getting help, financing, cash flow, sweat equity, growth strategies, potential upsides, potential downsides, what you may do on a day-to-day basis, and exit strategies including mergers and acquisitions (Board Vitals was acquired). Dr. Paul will also discuss the numerous opportunities to become involved with a startup as a part time CMO, co-founder, or consultant, including how to find these opportunities, what you may be called upon to do, and how you may be paid. Questions & Answers  

paul.jpgAndrea Paul, MD is Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Board Vitals (an Inc. 500 and Crain’s 50 Company), a Start-up Advisor (health tech, medical device), Public Speaker (health, medical education, technology and entrepreneurship), and mentor/advisor to physicians wishing to pursue non-clinical activities. Board Vitals ( – The Leader in Online Medical and Healthcare Specialty Examinations and Continuing Education – helps practitioners prepare for licensing and initial certification exams, maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements, and continuing professional education, covering more than 50 specialty areas and exams ranging from dental, podiatry, nursing, and medical areas. Dr. Paul earned her MD from Michigan State. While in residency training at Yale, Dr. Paul decided to leave clinical medicine in order to become a startup physician-entrepreneur.  

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Teaching and Educational Administration

Rob Milman, MD

Dr. Milman will survey the diverse full time, part time, and contract non-clinical teaching opportunities available to physicians including teaching medical students, residents and fellows, nurses, advanced practice providers and other health care professionals, pre-med undergraduates, high school students, and other audiences including CME. He will explain how to utilize sweat equity, networking, research, and other techniques to find and land jobs, expected compensation ranges, time commitment and typical duties. In addition, Dr. Milman will survey the opportunities for physicians available in educational administration including what these doctors may do on a day to day basis and compensation ranges and provide practical suggestions for how to locate and obtain these positions. Questions and Answers  

Rmilman.jpgob Milman, MD is the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Clinical, and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Education of the Texas A&M University College of Medicine. Previously, he served for 25 years as a private practice radiologist with the Austin Radiological Association in Austin, Texas. Dr. Milman has vast experience teaching CME, medical students, residents, nurse practitioner students, undergraduate pre-med students and even high school students. He is a Diagnostic Radiologist and a graduate of Brown University and Texas A&M College of Medicine. Dr. Milman is a SEAK alumnus.  


4:00–4:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities for Physicians in Pharma

Robert Nordness, MD, MPH

Dr. Nordness will discuss the various roles and opportunities for physicians in the pharmaceutical industry including pharmacovigilance (safety), regulatory affairs, marketing, communication/writing, and research and development. He will provide, for each role, typical day-to-day tasks, travel requirements, credentials generally required, opportunities for advancement, compensation, and need for relocation (and potential work from home). Dr. Nordness will provide practical advice for physicians who wish to position themselves to break into pharma and cultivate opportunities after this transition has been made. Dr. Nordness will also address, in a broad way, the major differences from the usual physician practices looking after individual patients and the physician responsibility and reporting structures in the pharmaceutical industry. He will also discuss/explain the major differences between major pharma companies that are considered “large companies” from those that are “mid-sized” versus those that are small “start-ups” as well as how to find the companies developing/selling products within your own therapeutic area. Questions & Answers 

Rnordness.jpgobert Nordness, MD, MPH is the Head of Pharmacovigilance at Syndax Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Dr. Nordness has experience in diverse roles in various-sized companies; Alexion, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Pfizer. Dr. Nordness is Triple-Board Certified (Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine). He graduated from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering and received his MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School. He earned his MPH from Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Nordness served 10 years of active duty with the US Navy and remains a reserve officer. He is the former Officer in Charge of the Naval Undersea Medical Institute.  

B. Opportunities for Physicians with Locum Tenens

Karyn L. Tapley, MD

Temporary clinical assignments can be an excellent way to earn extra income, maintain clinical skills in semi-retirement or as part of a transition to a non-clinical career. Dr. Tapley will give a frank assessment of the opportunities and potential downsides of both long-term and short-term locums work including: finding assignments, negotiating the best deal possible, licensure, credentialing, housing expenses, contractor status, withholding, benefits, tax implications, travel expense, malpractice insurance, the venue/practice setting the assignments typically are in, onsite clinical resources, and agencies. Dr. Tapley will provide practical information to determine if locums tenens may be a good fit for you, and if so, how to make the most of these opportunities. Questions and Answers  

tapley.jpgKaryn L. Tapley, MD is an OB/GYN who performed locums assignments for almost 3 years while she was transitioning to her current non-clinical endeavors of running a successful and growing medical spa (Sound Women’s Health & Aestheics), real estate, financial planning, and coaching physicians. Dr. Tapley earned her BS at the University of West Florida, her MD at the University of Florida, and completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil. She is a SEAK alumnus.

Day 2: Sunday, October 20, 2019

7:00–7:30 Continental Breakfast with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters  

7:30–8:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities as a Medical Science Liaison

Shweta Patel, MD

Dr. Patel will describe the opportunities for physicians as a medical science liaison – a role that requires a high level of medical knowledge but one where board-certification or licensure may not be required. Dr. Patel will describe what these generally home-based professionals do on a day to day basis, including meeting with key opinion leaders, delivering and gathering insights, supporting research, and cultivating relationships. She will provide additional details on being an MSL including compensation, territory sizes, travel requirements, etc. Dr. Patel will provide practical tips for how to break into your first job as an MSL. Questions and Answers 

patel-2.jpgShweta Patel, MD has over 10+ years of broad experience in medical marketing, communications, managed markets, and health policy. Since 2018 Dr. Patel has been with Shire Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Medical Science Outcomes Liaison – Global Medical Affairs where she is in charge of USA for all Hemophilia products. Her previous experience in industry includes an MSL with CSL Behring, focusing on coagulation, Senior Manager, Global Hemophilia Medical Marketing at Baxter Healthcare, Clinical Program Manager at Symbiotix, and Associate Medical Director at Integrated Communications Corporation. Dr. Patel earned her BA at George Washington and her MD from the Medical University of Silesia. She started her successful career in industry without completing either an internship or residency.  

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Work from Home Telemedicine

Tom Davis, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Davis will explain the exciting and growing number of opportunities to practice telemedicine. He will discuss earning potential, charting, technology required, and malpractice/liability. Dr. Davis will also explain scheduling options, the substantial advantages to this type of work, the types of cases you can and cannot see, the specialties which can do this work, regulatory considerations, and the future of this exciting field. Dr. Davis will also discuss how to locate and sign up with Telemedicine providers. Questions and Answers  

davis.jpgTom Davis, MD, FAAFP is a Board Certified Family Practice physician and a SEAK alumnus. Dr. Davis has vast non-clinical experience including consulting to health care providers on risk sharing/value contracts, consulting to venture capital firms, expert witnessing, telemedicine, and Hospice Medical Director – see Dr. Davis is the creator of a series of audio courses which teach physicians how to utilize telemedicine for their own benefit and also provides 1-1 mentoring in this field. Dr. Davis earned his BA, MA, and MD all from the University of Missouri – Columbia. When he was in practice, Dr. Davis was regularly named one of the Best Doctors™ in St. Louis.  

8:20–8:30 Break and Networking Opportunity 

8:30–9:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities for Physicians in Medical Communication and Advertising

Joel Jacob, MD

Dr. Jacob will provide a guide to the employment and freelance opportunities for physicians in the fields of medical communication and healthcare advertising and describe ways that physicians can apply their clinical expertise in this important industry, e.g. provide insight on medical strategy, assist with producing deliverables for clients, develop medical education programs, review communications for regulatory compliance, and more. He will discuss practical matters such as qualifications (Boards and License generally not required), agency locations, job security, a “day-in-the-life”, remote work opportunities, typical client base, career advancement, travel, and lifestyle expectations. Most importantly, Dr. Jacob will describe the attributes that medical communication and promotional advertising organizations are seeking in physician employees/freelancers and will provide practical advice to help attendees break into these fields and achieve success. Questions & Answers  

jacobs.jpgJoel Jacob, MD is Vice President, Scientific Strategy Director for McCann Echo, a McCann Health Company. His previous experience includes Vice President, Medical and Scientific Strategy at Natrel Health, Medical Director at RevHealth, Director, Medical & Scientific Services at Evolution Medical Communications, as well as significant freelance experience. Dr. Jacob received his MD from Medical University of Silesia and later trained clinically in both Chicago and Ohio. Dr. Jacob is also affiliated with the Doctor of Pharmacy Programs for Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Rutgers University, Purdue University College of Pharmacy, and University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.  

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Administration

Jocelyn F. Caple, MD, MBA

Dr. Caple will survey the numerous part-time and full-time roles physicians may serve in healthcare administration in health systems and hospitals including: medical staff officer, VPMA, CMO, CEO, practice management and quality/safety. She will discuss what may be required on a day to day basis, working conditions, hours, compensation, the practicality/desirability of maintaining a clinical practice, risk of instability, and opportunities for advancement. Dr. Caple will provide her advice as to additional education that may be helpful or necessary, and most importantly, she will explain how to demonstrate leadership, seize opportunities, break into administration and succeed in this field. Questions and Answers  

caple.jpgJocelyn F. Caple, MD, MBA is the CEO of Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New Hampshire, an independent community hospital. Prior to being named permanent CEO, she was Medical Staff President, Chief Medical Officer, and later Interim CEO. Dr. Caple is a board certified pathologist who practiced for over 20 years before transitioning full time into administration. She trained at The Cleveland Clinic, earned her MD at UMass, and earned her undergraduate degree in Classical and Ancient Studies at Smith (she credits her communications skills to her liberal arts education). She has an executive MBA from UNH and is a certified mediator. Dr. Caple is a SEAK alumna.

9:20–9:30 Break and Networking Opportunity

9:30–10:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities for Physicians in Coaching

Steven W. Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP

Dr. Parkes will describe the exciting and exceptionally rewarding opportunities for physicians available in the field of coaching. Coaching is a rapidly growing industry that does not require Boards, residency, or even a license. Dr. Parkes will discuss how to get into this work including available coaching certifications, what coaches do on a daily basis, the coaching needs of physicians, and how to get your first few clients. Dr. Parkes will explain the many advantages of this work including being able to work from home, flexible hours, and the immense satisfaction of helping clients dramatically improve multiple dimensions of their lives. He will give advice on how to set rates, collect fees, and how to successfully market and grow a coaching practice. Questions & Answers 

parkes.jpgSteven W. Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP is the President and Founder of the Clinician Coaching Institute, LLC (, where he specializes in coaching physicians experiencing burnout, and coaching with physicians taking on entrepreneurial ventures. Dr. Parkes is a board-certified emergency room physician who still works part time in the ER, and who successfully launched and departed a busy 40 physician Emergency Department practice, EMPact Emergency Physicians. He was introduced to coaching in business school, when he was struggling with burnout, and discovered powerful transformation through the experience of being coached himself. Dr. Parkes holds four different coaching certifications and is a 15-time finisher of the Ironman Triathlon, including the world championship in Hawaii. He earned his MD from Rush, his MPH from Johns Hopkins, and his MBA from Notre Dame. He presently resides in the Chicagoland area with his family and three children. He is a SEAK alumnus.  

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Hospice Medicine

Julie Landrio, MD

Dr. Landrio will discuss the well-paying and rewarding opportunities for physicians with hospice medicine. On the clinical side, this could be a good fit for clinicians who still enjoy helping patients, but dislike fighting with insurance companies, excessive charting, and demanding call responsibility. She will discuss both inpatient and home visit hospice as well as full and part time work including what hospice clinicians do on a day-to-day basis and the team environment they enjoy. Dr. Landrio will also discuss the non-clinical opportunities available as a full or part time Hospice Medical Director. Questions & Answers  

landrio.jpgJulie Landrio, MD serves as a physician at Blue Ridge Hospice in Winchester, Virginia. Dr. Landrio is a board-certified internist who practiced internal medicine for 20 years prior to making her transition. She earned her BS at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and her MD at Tufts, later training through Tufts at New England Medical Center in Boston. Dr. Landrio is a 2017 SEAK alumna.  

10:20–10:30 Break and Networking Opportunity  

10:30–11:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities as a Principal Investigator

Kelli Maw, MD, FAAFP, MPH

Work as a principal investigator running clinical trials is available both part time and full time. Dr. Maw will explain what PIs do on Phase I-IV clinical trials including interactions with sponsors, setting up the trial and getting trained, regulatory requirements, paperwork, recruiting patients, reporting adverse medical events, and being responsible for patient safety. Dr. Maw will discuss hours, call responsibility and compensation structure. Most importantly, Dr. Maw will explain how serving as a PI can help position a physician for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Questions & Answers  

Kmaw.jpgelli Maw, MD, FAAFP, MPH is a home-based medical director with PRA, a leading Contract Research Organization. Prior to joining PRA, Dr. Maw served as a part time principal investigator/sub-investigator and oversaw more than 120 clinical trials. Dr. Maw earned her medical degree in Myanmar, trained in Family Medicine in Brooklyn, New York, and earned her MPH from Columbia. Dr. Maw’s professional background includes over 10 years in public health as well as working as a clinician focused on weight loss. She is the author of the book The Last Diet. Dr. Maw is a SEAK alumna.  

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Informatics and Healthcare IT

Christopher Leonard, DO, MHI

Healthcare IT/Informatics is a rapidly evolving area that offers numerous opportunities for physicians. These opportunities could be with a vendor, provider or the government. Dr. Leonard will discuss how to unlock and utilize existing skill sets for the various functions physicians may serve in these roles including assisting with data analytics, process improvement, data literacy, support, training, guidance, adoption, and predictive analytics. He will provide insights on qualifications required (you don’t have to be a computer programmer or mathematician) and helpful specialized education options to get you up to speed. Dr. Leonard will explain what physicians may do on a day-to-day basis, possible careers paths, compensation, career arc, and most importantly, how to position yourself to break into this field and find and land your first position. Questions and Answers

leonard.jpgChristopher Leonard, DO, MHI is Chief Information Officer at Vohra Wound Physicians, a dynamic organization with over 250 physicians in 25 states which has developed its own proprietary and niche-specific EHR system. His experiences include strategic leverage of healthcare technologies, management of the entire spectrum of data flow with a uniquely customized team, AI and machine learning, SSOT design and implementation for more efficient health care delivery, mobile strategies, clinician documentation improvement (CDI), risk mitigation, data/predictive analysis, automated outcomes data, clinician technologic training, barriers to process and technology adoption, implementing a security risk management program, vetting and contracting syngergistic and partnering vendors, creating company-wide security awareness training and introducing the concepts of change management to company personnel. Dr. Leonard is a wound care surgeon who earned his DO at Kansas City University of Health and Bioscience and trained at the Medical College of Georgia. He recently completed a Masters in Health Informatics from Northwestern University School of Professional Studies – a 100% remote program.  

11:20–11:30 Break and Networking Opportunity  

11:30–12:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities for Physicians with the FDA/Federal Government

Kristie Baisden, DO, FACOG

Dr. Baisden will describe the diverse roles physicians fill as Medical Officers with the Food and Drug Administration (which employs physicians of all specialties). In addition, Dr. Baisden will survey the multitude of opportunities for non-clinical employment beyond FDA including NIH, CMS, CDC, USPHS, and a surprising number of others. Dr. Baisden will describe what physicians in the federal government may do on a day to day basis, qualifications needed, working conditions including work from home availability, compensation, benefits, hours, where these jobs may be located and opportunities for advancement or moving to the private sector. Dr. Baisden will provide practical advice for locating and acquiring non-clinical employment with the federal government with particular emphasis on effective networking. Questions and Answers  

baisden.jpg Kristie Baisden, DO, FACOG, is a board certified OBGYN and a 2016 SEAK alumnus. In 2017, Dr. Baisden transitioned from academic OBGYN clinical practice to her current nonclinical career as a Medical Officer with the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Baisden maintains an active faculty appointment with the Georgetown University Medical Center. She earned her undergraduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill in 2003 and her DO from the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2007. Dr. Baisden completed her OBGYN residency training at Georgetown in 2011. She is the proud mother of 3 small children, including one with special needs. 

B. Opportunities as a Medical Writer

Mandy Huggins Armitage, MD

Dr. Armitage will survey the opportunities available to physicians in the interesting and rewarding field of medical writing – a field where boards or even an active license are often not required. She will discuss opportunities as both an employed medical writer and a work from home freelancer. Dr. Armitage will explain the wide variety of projects medical writers may work on. She will also discuss compensation, work setting, available training, what employers and clients are looking for, and most importantly, how to best position yourself to break into this field and find your first position or assignment. Questions & Answers  

armitagecircle-new.jpgMandy Huggins Armitage, MD is a successful medical writer who has experience both as a freelancer and as a full-time employed writer. She most recently served as Medical Director for content at start-ups Doximity and HealthLoop. Dr. Armitage serves as a consultant for aspiring physician freelance writers and has been a faculty member for SEAK’s “How to Earn Money as Physician Writer” seminar for several years. Prior to transitioning to medical writing, Dr. Armitage practiced nonsurgical sports medicine. She received her MD from Indiana University School of Medicine and her BS in Biology from Purdue.  

12:20–1:20 LUNCH (Provided with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters)  

1:20–2:10 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities for Physicians with Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Kitty Gordon, MD

Dr. Gordon will provide an overview of what CROs are and what they do. She will survey the opportunities available to physicians with CROs as medical monitors, strategy leads, etc. Dr. Gordon will explain the many advantages to these positions including the possibility of working from home, flexible schedules, and potentially opening additional doors in industry. She will also cover travel and training requirements, possibilities for advancement, compensation, benefits, and why she finds this work – which can have a huge impact on patient outcomes – both intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Most importantly, Dr. Gordon will provide advice for how to position yourself for and break into working at a CRO. Questions and Answers  

gordon.jpgKitty Gordon, MD is Medical Strategy Lead and Ophthalmology Center of Excellence Co-Chair at IQVIA (formerly Quintiles). IQVIA is one of the World’s largest Contract Research Organizations, having over 50,000 employees and operating in over 100 countries. Dr. Gordon is a home-based employee whose interesting and fulfilling job has her regularly interacting with clients and team members on a global basis. Prior to her transition, Dr. Gordon practiced ophthalmology for 23 years. Her most recent clinical position was Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at UNC Chapel Hill, where she served as a co-investigator in numerous clinical trials. Dr. Gordon earned her MD from Cornell and trained in ophthalmology at Cornell as well (New York Hospital-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center). She earned her BA from the University of California, Irvine. She is a 2017 SEAK alumnus.  

B. Opportunities in Disability Insurance

Paul Barker, MD

Dr. Barker will provide an overview of the full time, part time and contract opportunities available to physicians in the disability insurance field. He will describe what physicians do on a day to day basis including claim review, research, report writing, peer to peers, training, and interacting with claims professionals. Dr. Barker will explain why he loves his job and finds it intellectually stimulating and very enjoyable. He will also discuss hours, compensation, requirements for boards/license, specialties most in demand, work from home possibilities, working conditions and benefits. Dr. Barker will provide advice for how to break into the disability insurance industry and succeed. Questions & Answers  

Paul Barker, MD is AVP, Regional Medical Director at Lincoln Financial Group.  He has over 14 years experience in the disability insurance field and previously worked as a Regional Medical Director with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Dr. Barker also teaches disability medicine to residents in occupational medicine and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD.  He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.  He earned his BS from Michigan State and his MD from George Washington.

2:10–2:20 Break and Networking Opportunity 

2:20–3:10 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)  

A. Opportunities for Physicians as a Physician Advisor

Mary E. Schultheis, MD

All hospitals who accept Medicare are required to have a physician advisor. Dr. Schulthies will explain what physician advisors do on a day to day basis including problem solving, interaction with colleagues, interaction with medical directors and clinical coordination. She will explain the different ways physicians can serve as physician advisors including on site, home based remote, full time, part time, directly hired by hospital or hired by a third party vendor. She will discuss hours, compensation, intellectual challenge, specialties, opportunities for advancement, the option of working clinically as well, and how to break into this field. Finally, Dr. Schulthies will explain how serving as a physician advisor can help position oneself for a position as a medical director with a payor. Questions and Answers  

schultheis.jpgMary E. Schultheis, MD is a full time, home based medical director with United Healthcare. Prior to moving to United Healthcare, Dr. Schultheis was first a part time, then a full time, home based physician advisor with R1RCM. Prior to her transition, she was a successful colon and rectal surgeon. Dr. Schultheis earned her BS from the University of Maryland and her MD from Creighton. She is a SEAK alumnus.  

B. Opportunities in the Investments Industry

David Yeh, MD

Dr. Yeh will recount his own story of having a “lightbulb moment” that caused him to look at things differently and make positive changes in his life. He will then survey the various roles physicians may play in the investment industry with a focus on financial planner/investment advisor. He will discuss how investment advisors can be successful, what they do on a day to day basis, qualifications, certifications, compensation, career arc, business development, lifestyle, and earning potential. Dr. Yeh will explain the different considerations to make when deciding to work for someone else or start your own investment advisory business including control, redundancy, overhead, growth, startup costs, compliance, etc. Finally, Dr. Yeh will briefly explain what it takes to start and run your own hedge fund. Questions & Answers  

Dyeh.jpgavid Yeh, MD is a Nuclear Physician (still practices part time), Investment Systems Developer, Investment Advisor and the author of the book The Busy Doctor’s Investment Guide. After multiple requests for investment assistance he launched his business, Wealthy Doctor Institute, LLC, ( which is a registered investment advisor and has been steadily growing. Dr. Yeh works with fellow physicians who are unhappy with their current investing strategy and helps them take back control of their finances and feel empowered. Dr. Yeh also manages the Praetorian Archimedes, LP hedge fund for qualified investors. Dr. Yeh earned his BS from Cornell and his MD from NYU. He is a SEAK alumnus.