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The biggest impediment to career transition is inertia.



Day 1: 

7:30–8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters

8:30–9:30 How to Make Your Non-Clinical Dream a Reality

Laura McKain, MD
Dr. McKain will explain how she successfully transitioned to non-clinical work. She will provide advice on how to successfully transition to a rewarding non-clinical career that matches your needs and interests. She will give insights on how to determine what your best non-clinical career options are, suggest job hunting techniques that look beyond job postings, demonstrate how to identify and showcase your transferrable skills that qualify you for openings, and provide advice on rockstar interview techniques. Questions & Answers 


Laura McKain, MD is a thought leader on non-clinical and alternative careers for physicians and is the founder and moderator of the highly-acclaimed Physician Nonclinical Career Hunter Facebook Group as well as a sought after coach for physicians looking to transition (www.mckainconsulting.com). Dr. McKain has enjoyed an extremely successful non-clinical career since transitioning from her OB/Gyn clinical work. She spent 8 years at the CRO PPD where she started as a medical monitor/safety physician and was later promoted to senior medical director where she built and led a global team of safety physicians. Later, Dr. McKain served as a senior medical director with Myovant Sciences.

9:30–10:30 Introduction of the Mentors and the Recruiters The conference mentors and recruiters will introduce themselves and briefly describe their background and areas of interest. 

10:30–11:15 Break and Mentoring and Employer Sign Up Time  Attendees will sign up for individual sessions with recruiters and mentors. 

11:15–12:00 How to Excel During Your First 90 Days in a Non-Clinical Role

Lisa Herbert, MD
Dr. Herbert will recount her journey to the non-clinical world and will explain the new realities physicians will likely face in a non-clinical role. She will provide insight and advice on how to excel during onboarding and offer techniques with examples of identifying key stakeholders and building relationships. She will explain the importance of thinking strategically when entering a new role and provide tips and examples for how to listen, learn, collaborate, and act to make your transition successful. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-herbert.jpgLisa Herbert, MD is a physician leadership coach who specializes in helping physicians successfully transition to non-clinical roles. She is an experienced public speaker and podcaster who also serves as a certified DEI consultant and as a recruiter of physicians for non-clinical leadership roles. Prior to starting her own businesses, Dr. Herbert worked as a health insurance medical director and as a physician advisor. Prior to her transition she was in private practice as a family physician. Dr. Herbert grew up in New York City and earned her BA from Stony Brook and her MD from SUNY Upstate in Syracuse. 

12:00–1:00 LUNCH (Provided with Faculty, Mentors, and Recruiters) 

1:00–1:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities as a Medical Writer

Stanley Sack, MD
Dr. Sack will survey the diverse opportunities available to physicians in the field of medical writing. He will cover opportunities to work both as an employed medical writer as well as a freelancer. Dr. Sack will describe the myriad projects medical writers may work on such as regulatory writing, CME writing, posters and abstracts, direct-to-consumer marketing, medical editing, slide decks, blogs, patient education materials, writing clinical guidelines, grant writing, and more. He will also discuss compensation, work from home suitability, available training & mentorship, what employers and clients are looking for, and most importantly, how to best position yourself to break into this field. Questions & Answers

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-sack.jpgStanley Sack, MD is a freelance medical writer for professional and lay audiences, and is the Senior Editor of Medical Joyworks, LLC. His freelance writing experience includes CME, blogging, marketing copy, health journalism and web content marketing. He transitioned to medical writing after 30 years of experience as a pediatrician. Dr. Sack is a former community faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed his undergraduate education at Dartmouth College. In addition, he received his M.D. at Hahnemann University and completed his pediatric residency at Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals. Dr. Sack is a member of the American Medical Writer’s Association and the Association of Health Care Journalists. He is a SEAK Alumnus. 

B. Opportunities with the FDA, United States Public Health Service and Federal Government

Brian Lewis, MD
Dr. Lewis will describe the diverse roles physicians fill as Medical Officers with the Food and Drug Administration (which employs physicians of all specialties). In addition, Dr. Lewis will survey the multitude of opportunities for non-clinical employment beyond FDA including NIH, CMS, CDC, USPHS, and a surprising number of others. Dr. Lewis will describe what physicians in the federal government may do on a day-to-day basis, qualifications needed, working conditions including work from home availability, compensation, benefits, hours, and opportunities for advancement or moving to the private sector. Dr. Lewis will provide practical advice for locating and acquiring non-clinical employment with the federal government. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-lewis.jpgBrian Lewis, MD is a Senior Reviewer at USFDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health in cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators and a Captain in the USPHS. Prior to joining the FDA, Dr. Lewis was in the private practice of arrhythmia cardiology in Washington, DC. Dr. Lewis provides lead clinical regulatory FDA guidance to industry to facilitate clinical trials to provide a meaningful picture of pacemaker, defibrillator and lead safety and effectiveness to support market approval. He is board certified in cardiology and sees arrhythmia patients and performs surgery weekly at the Washington, D.C. Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Dr. Lewis earned his BA at Johns Hopkins and MD at Northwestern and completed fellowships in Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at St. Louis University Health Sciences Center. 

1:50–2:00 Break and Networking Opportunity 

2:00–2:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities in Teaching and Educational Administration

Tahlia Spector, MD, FACEP
Dr. Spector will discuss the fulfilling and widely varied full time, part time, and contract teaching opportunities available to physicians. She will provide tips for how to find and land jobs, expected compensation ranges, time commitment, and typical duties. In addition, Dr. Spector will survey the interesting and diverse opportunities for physicians in educational administration, including time commitment, day to day activities, and compensation ranges. She will provide practical suggestions for how to locate and obtain these positions. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-spector.jpgTahlia Spector, MD, FACEP is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She currently serves as Director, Longitudinal Clinical Experiences (LCE); Chair, 3rd Year Longitudinal Preceptorship, and one of 40 Educators for Excellence in the Foundations of Practice 1st year course. Dr. Spector is Board Certified in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. She transitioned to an exclusively non-clinical career in education after suffering a disabling injury. Dr. Spector earned her BA at Vassar and her MD at UCLA. She is a SEAK alumna. 

B. Opportunities in Health Insurance and Utilization Review

Judy Wright, MD
Dr. Wright will describe the intellectually stimulating opportunities available for physicians as medical directors tasked with utilization reviews at health insurers and independent review organizations. She will explain the types of utilization reviews that may be needed and what medical directors may do on a day-to-day basis including utilization review, case rounds, integrated case management, consults, peer to peers, and many other functions. Dr. Wright will dispel common myths about health insurers and will offer insights into hours (including availability of contract work), working conditions (including the growing number of work from home opportunities), compensation, benefits, and the varied roles beyond utilization management that physicians may play with health insurers including appeals, training, and speaking. Dr. Wright will discuss who this work might be a good/poor fit for, appropriate specialties, opportunities for advancement and most importantly, how to break into and succeed in health insurance and utilization review. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-wright.jpgJudy Wright, MD is a full time remote LTSS Medical Director with Molina Healthcare who specializes in long term social support and complex cases. Her duties at Molina are diverse and include utilization management, appeals, and training. Dr. Wright has over 10 years’ experience in the health insurance field and previously worked for both Magellan Healthcare and United Healthcare. She is a SEAK alumna who was recruited for her first non-clinical role as a per diem physician advisor at the 2009 SEAK Conference. Prior to her transition to non-clinical work Dr. Wright practiced family medicine in a variety of settings including a community health center, a correctional facility, and an academic medical center. 

2:50–3:00 Break and Networking Opportunity 

3:00–3:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities for Physicians in Pharma

Robert Nordness, MD, MPH
Dr. Nordness will discuss the various roles and opportunities for physicians in the pharmaceutical industry including pharmacovigilance (safety), clinical development, regulatory affairs, marketing, and communication/writing. He will provide, for each role, typical day-to-day tasks, travel requirements, credentials generally required, opportunities for advancement, general compensation ranges, and need for relocation (and potential work from home). Dr. Nordness will provide practical advice for physicians who wish to position themselves to break into pharma and cultivate opportunities, after this transition has been made. Rob will also address, in a broad way, the major differences from the usual physician practices looking after individual patients and the physician responsibility for maintaining the safety of patients through the lens of benefit-risk during drug development and in the post-marketing setting. He will also discuss/explain differences between major pharma companies that are considered “large companies” from those that are “mid-sized” versus those that are small “start-ups” as well as how to find the companies developing/selling products within your own therapeutic area. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-nordness.jpgRobert Nordness, MD, MPH is a Vice President in Safety and Pharmacovigilance at Syndax Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Dr. Nordness has experience in diverse roles in various-sized companies; Alexion, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Pfizer. Dr. Nordness is Triple-Board Certified (Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine). He graduated from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering and received his MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School. He earned his MPH from Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Nordness served 10 years of active duty with the US Navy and remains an active Reservist in Undersea Medicine. He is the former Officer in Charge of the Naval Undersea Medical Institute. Dr. Nordness has special interest and experience in mentoring and assisting physicians who wish to break into pharma. 

B. Opportunities for Physicians in the Disability Insurance Field

David J. Berube, MD, MPH
Dr. Berube will share the full time, part time and contract opportunities available to physicians in the disability insurance field. He will describe what physicians do on a day-to-day basis including claim review, research, report writing, peer to peers, and interacting with claims professionals. Dr. Berube will explain why he loves his job and finds it intellectually stimulating and rewarding. He will also discuss hours, compensation, requirements for boards/license, specialties most in demand, work from home possibilities, working conditions and benefits. Dr. Berube will provide advice on how to break into the disability insurance industry. Questions & Answers  

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-berube.jpgDavid J. Berube, MD, MPH serves as Chief Medical Officer, VP at Lincoln Financial Group. He is also an assistant clinical professor at both Yale and UConn. He has vast experience in the field of disability insurance including Chief Medical Officer, VP, Liberty Mutual Benefits and National Medical Director, Group Insurance at Aetna. Dr. Berube completed his Occupational and Environmental Medicine Fellowship at Yale and earned his MD at the University of Vermont and his BA at Wesleyan. 

3:50–4:00 Break and Networking Opportunity 

4:00–4:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities with Consulting Firms

Jonathan Jaffin, MD
Dr. Jaffin will survey the considerable full-time and part-time opportunities for physicians with consulting firms. He will explain why the work is intellectually stimulating, how consulting firms are called in to solve difficult problems, and how they identify both the problem and the solution to the problem. He will discuss travel requirements, work from home possibilities, hours, compensation, opportunities for advancement and what consultants may do day-to-day including education, interviewing clients, research, etc. Dr. Jaffin will provide advice on landing a position at a consulting firm. Questions & Answers  

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-jaffin.jpgJonathan Jaffin, MD has 10+ years’ experience as a Specialist Executive with Deloitte – a top global advisory firm which employs dozens of physicians. Prior to transitioning to consulting, he served in the United States Army for over 30 years and his roles included Chief of Staff of the Dismounted Battle Injury Task Force, Director, Health Policy and Services, Deputy Commander and Acting Commander US Army Medical Research and Material Command, and Commander (CEO) of the Walter Reed Health Care System. Dr. Jaffin is a trauma surgeon who earned his MD at Johns Hopkins and his AB at Princeton. 

B. Opportunities as a Physician Advisor

Trilok Pathak, MD, MBA, FHM
Dr. Pathak will discuss the interesting and rewarding opportunities available as a physician advisor. He will cover hours/working conditions and what physician advisors do including meetings with insurance medical directors, staff education, chart review, improving charting, challenging denials, preventing denials, literature searches, and appeals. Dr. Pathak will provide practical tips as to how to best position yourself for a physician advisor role, find and land these positions, and succeed at them. Questions & Answers

Trilok Pathak, MD, MBA, FHM is a hospitalist and Physician Advisor with the Franciscan Physician Network in Indiana.  He received his BA and MD from Northwestern and his MBA from UMass-Amherst.  He is a certified physician executive and a SEAK alumnus.

4:50–6:00 Networking Reception with Colleagues, Faculty, Mentors, Recruiters, and Employers

Day 2: 

7:00–7:30 Continental Breakfast with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters 

8:00–8:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities in Safety/Quality and as an Ombuds

Elizabeth Mack, MD, MS
Dr. Mack will describe the opportunities for physicians in the fields of patient safety and quality – both inside and outside of a hospital/health system setting. Dr. Mack will also introduce the audience to opportunity to serve as an Ombuds. She will explain what physicians in these fields do on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Mack will cover compensation, working conditions, the ability to maintain a clinical practice and other practical considerations. She will provide advice on how to both break into these fields and succeed in them. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-mack.jpgElizabeth Mack, MD, MS is a pediatric intensivist seeking to improve the quality of care and life with interests in quality improvement and patient safety, patient and family engagement, global health, medical education, communication, media, child advocacy, and joy in work. In addition to her clinical work, she serves as Senior Medical Director for Children’s Quality & Safety and the University Faculty Ombuds for the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Mack earned her BS and MD from the University of South Carolina and completed her fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mack frequently provides media interviews and also frequently testifies in front of legislators. She is a SEAK alumna and a Full Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina. 

B. Opportunities with Medical Device Companies

Juan Daccach, MD
Dr. Daccach will provide insight into the numerous full-time and part-time/contract opportunities for physicians available in the medical device field. He will discuss what physicians may do on a day-to-day basis including product development, data interpretation, protocol design and review, risk management, regulatory, safety, education, and recalls. Dr. Daccach will discuss which specialties are typically the best fit for device companies, working conditions (including potential work from home), hours, travel, licensure/certification requirements, compensation, and opportunities for advancement. Most importantly, Dr. Daccach will provide advice for how to best position yourself and land your first job in the medical device industry and how to succeed in this environment. Questions & Answers  

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-daccach.jpgJuan Daccach, MD has over 10 years’ experience in the medical device industry, including Medical Safety Officer, Global Orthopedics, Joint Reconstruction for Johnson & Johnson and currently as VP Global Product Safety for Merz Aesthetics. Dr. Daccach is an Orthopedic Surgeon with fellowships on both total knee and hip replacements and prosthetic joint infection management. He received his MD at Pontificia Universidad Javieriana in Colombia and completed his fellowships at the Universidad de Barcelona in Spain. Dr. Daccach is also a certified personal, executive, and health coach. 

8:50–9:00 Break and Networking Opportunity 

9:00–9:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities in Coaching

Katrina Ubell, MD
Dr. Ubell will explain what physician coaches do and do not do and how to succeed in the field. She will give tips on how find to your perfect niche, get started and market and then expand your coaching practice. She will additionally cover earning potential, the time required to build a successful practice, transition strategies, hours, certifications and licensing requirements and work from home suitability. Dr. Ubell will provide practical advice for physicians who are considering transitioning into coaching.  Questions & Answers  

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-ubell.jpgKatrina Ubell, MD is the founder and CEO of Weight Loss for Busy Physicians (katrinaubellmd.com), a highly-successful and 100% remote niche coaching firm of 22 employees dedicated exclusively to the needs of practicing women physicians. Dr. Ubell is the creator of the popular Weight Loss for Busy Physicians podcast, which has over 300 episodes and the author of the book How to Lose Weight for the Last Time. Dr. Ubell founded her coaching firm after becoming dissatisfied in the private practice of pediatrics. She is the mother of three school aged children. Dr. Ubell earned her BS at Johns Hopkins and her MD at Michigan.  

B. Opportunities in Life Insurance

Kris Eskuchen, MD
Dr. Eskuchen will describe the rewarding and intellectually stimulating opportunities for physicians with the numerous US Life Insurance Companies. She will explain the underwriting and other interesting work physicians typically do in a life insurance company, hours, work environment (work from home often available), the compensation range that can be expected for new hires, the typical corporate compensation and benefit structure, what the work consists of on a day-to-day basis, opportunity for advancement, certification in insurance medicine, and the specialties and clinical experience which are most appropriate for this industry. Dr. Eskuchen will explain how and where to obtain the skills needed to succeed as a medical director at a life insurance company. She will provide practical tips for positioning yourself for such work and landing a first-time position in the life insurance industry. Questions & Answers

eskuchen.jpgKris Eskuchen, MD is a Medical Director at Equitable Holdings, Inc., having previously worked at Prudential.  Prior to transitioning, Dr. Eskuchen practiced Family Medicine for 20 years.  She earned her MD from Rush Medical College and her undergraduate degree from Hope College.  Dr. Eskuchen is a frequent public speaker and a SEAK alumna.   

9:50–10:00 Break and Networking Opportunity 

10:00–10:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities With Startups

Mehul Mankad, MD
Dr. Mankad will explain the life cycle of a startup and the diverse tasks physicians assisting startups may perform on a day-to-day basis (including advising, regulatory work, training, research, pitching, investor relations, development, etc.). He will discuss how physicians working with startups may be compensated. He will also discuss working conditions, potential travel, and work from home availability. Most importantly, he will explain the associated benefits and risks of working for startups. Dr. Mankad will provide practical advice for how to locate and land full-time, part-time and consulting positions with startups, how to succeed in these roles, and how to position yourself to be attractive to startups. Questions & Answers

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-mankad.jpgMehul Mankad, MD serves as the full time Chief Medical Officer for two related startups: PeeqHealth and Nevada Behavioral Health. Both of these organizations are innovators in value based behavioral health care. Formerly Dr. Mankad served as CMO for the health insurer Alliance Health. Dr. Mankad is a Duke and Rush trained forensic psychiatrist who earned both this BA and MD from Northwestern. In addition to his CMO work, Dr. Mehul serves as an expert witness in cases of impaired professionals and stays clinically active practicing at the VA one day per month.

B. Opportunities in Health Informatics and IT

Alice Kochunov, MD
Healthcare IT/Informatics is an ever-changing area that offers numerous roles and opportunities for physicians. These positions could be with a hospital or health system, industry, or the government and may also involve areas beyond EHR, for example data analytics. Dr. Kochunov will discuss what physicians involved in Healthcare IT may do on a day-to-day basis including assisting with quality and safety, process improvement, data literacy, decision support, training, guidance, adoption, and data analytics. She will provide insights on qualifications required (you don’t have to be a computer geek or mathematician) and helpful specialized education options to get you up to speed. Dr. Kochunov will discuss possible career paths, compensation, lifestyle, work from home availability, career arc, and most importantly, how to position yourself to break into this field and find and land your first position. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-kochunov.jpgAlice Kochunov, MD serves as Chief Medical Officer at CuriMeta where she delivers data management and technology solutions to solve the most complex challenges for life science and healthcare organizations. Dr. Kochunov transitioned to non-clinical work shortly after medical school. Her career has included serving as Associate Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson, Interim Informatics Director at Stanford, Physician Consultant/Executive at Allscripts as well as consulting roles at The Advisory Board Company and Deloitte. She has had the pleasure to informally mentor and advise multiple physicians looking to break into healthcare IT. Dr. Kochunov earned her MD at Penn and her BA at Franklin & Marshall College. 

10:50–11:00 Break and Networking Opportunity 

11:00–12:00 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities in the Financial Services Industry

Robert Levin, MD, CFP, CEPA
Dr. Levin will survey the significant opportunities for physicians which exist in the financial services industry as a wealth management advisor plus opportunities as a buy or sell side financial analyst in the healthcare sector. He will describe what physicians in these roles may do on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Levin will discuss earning potential, how to break into the industry, and how to succeed. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-levin.jpgRobert Levin, MD, CFP, CEPA is a Senior Vice-President – Wealth Management and Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS, Inc. in Beverly Hills, California. He and his partners direct a multibillion dollar wealth management practice. Dr. Levin’s clients are mostly physicians, health care executives and their companies. His team provides comprehensive wealth management including investments, retirement and complex estate/tax planning, insurance advice and lending. They also advise their clients about exit strategies and liquidity events for their companies and shareholders. Dr. Levin practiced pediatrics for 12 years prior to his transition in 2001. His prior financial services experience includes serving as a healthcare financial analyst at JPMorgan Chase on Wall Street and a brief stint as a medical consultant to a venture capital fund. Dr. Levin earned both his BS and MD from the University of Michigan and later trained in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Questions & Answers  

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Medical Administration

Timothy Grant, MD, MBA, FACHE
Dr. Grant will discuss the non-clinical opportunities for physicians in medical administration. He will explain the diverse and interesting work physician administrators may perform. Dr. Grant will also discuss earning potential, lifestyle, benefits, opportunities for advancement, and how physician administrators can positively impact both patients and care givers. Most importantly, Dr. Grant will provide advice for how to best position yourself for transitioning into medical administration. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-grant.jpgTimothy Grant, MD, MBA, FACHE is the Chief Medical Officer of Parkridge Health System – a five hospital system in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His previous administrative roles include being CEO of Parkridge Valley and Parkridge West Hospitals, and Chief Medical Officer for Coliseum Health in Macon, Georgia. Prior to transitioning to non-clinical work Dr. Grant practiced as an anesthesiologist for 15 years, where he also served as operating room medical director. Dr. Grant earned his BA and MS from Clemson University and his MD from the University of South Carolina. He completed his residency in anesthesiology at Duke University, and a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Grant earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. 

12:00–1:00 LUNCH (Provided with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters) 

1:00–1:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities as an On-Air Medical Contributor and Print Journalist

Devi E. Nampiaparampil, MD, MS
Dr. Nampiaparampil will provide practical tips on how to approach television news producers and participate in medical news segments. She will explain what producers are looking for, how to do a great job, how ratings impact the process, and how to get invited back. She will review the common pitfalls for doctors. She will also discuss what types of appearances get paid and how appearances can benefit your career in other ways such as increasing demand for your consulting services. She will also discuss how to earn extra income by writing articles as a medical journalist. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-nampiaparampil.jpgDevi E. Nampiaparampil, MD, MS is an on-air medical contributor for Fox 5 New York as well as ITV’s “Good Morning Britain.” She has contributed to over 500 national and international television news segments and has published articles in Newsweek. She and her husband are also the producers of an award-winning documentary. Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Nampiaparampil appeared as a doctor on General Hospital and earned her SAG-AFTRA card. Dr. Nampiaparampil is board-certified in Pain Medicine, Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Hospice & Palliative Medicine. She runs her private practice in the New York City Financial District, performing minimally invasive spine procedures, and also works as a consultant for medicolegal cases and for direct-to-consumer medical device companies. Dr. Nampiaparampil earned her BA and MD from Northwestern and her MS in Journalism from Columbia. She is a SEAK alumna. 

B. Opportunities as a Medical Science Liaison

Nabhan Islam, MD
Dr. Islam will describe a typical day in the life of a Medical Science Liaison (MSL), how they build and maintain relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and the other roles & responsibilities expected of MSLs as they support field Medical activities. He will explain why the demand for MSLs continues to rise even in the face of COVID-19 and why the physician skill set is particularly desirable to biopharmaceutical companies. Dr. Islam will also discuss compensation and benefits, travel requirements, and work-life balance, and offer tips on how to break into this demanding but rewarding field. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-islam.jpgNabhan Islam, MD is a Medical Science Liaison for Syneos Health. His therapeutic area is Vaccines & Infectious Diseases. Prior to joining industry, he worked as a well-known medical instructor in the Greater Toronto Area and previously served as a medic with the Canadian Armed Forces. Dr. Islam earned his undergraduate degree at Western University and his MD from St. George’s University. He is an active professional member and regular speaker for the Medical Science Liaison Society (MSLS). 

1:50–2:00 Break and Networking Opportunity

2:00–2:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One) 

A. Opportunities as a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Kirk A. Roberts, MD
A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a person who is a licensed physician and who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by an employer’s drug testing program and evaluating medical explanations for certain drug test results. Dr. Roberts will discuss what MROs do day-to-day and will cover how to become trained as a medical review officer, the specialties that can serve in this role as well as education and licensing requirements. Dr. Roberts will discuss the full-time, part time, and contract opportunities for physicians as an MRO as well as adding MRO work to a clinical practice. He will cover earning potential, work from home availability, and most importantly, how to find and land opportunities in this field. Questions & Answers  

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-roberts.jpgKirk A. Roberts, MD is the Lead Medical Review Officer at Cynergy MRO where he heads a team of 4 other physicians. Dr. Roberts earned his MD directly from high school in the 6 year program offered by the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Before leaving clinical medicine, Dr. Roberts practiced emergency medicine and wound care. His clinical experience includes sports medicine and he has served as a sideline physician for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dr. Roberts also has significant experience as an expert witness.  

B. Opportunities with Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Lauren Wasielesky, MD, MBA
Dr. Wasielesky will provide an overview of what CROs are, why they exist, what they do and how they are similar and different to pharma companies. She will survey the opportunities available to physicians within CROs and why physicians working with CROs tend to get promoted faster. She will explain the many advantages to these positions including the possibility of working from home, flexible schedules, gaining broad experience in clinical trials for multiple products, and potentially opening additional doors in the pharmaceutical industry. She will also cover possibilities for advancement, appropriate specialties, licensure/certification requirements, compensation, and what physicians working for CROs may do before, during and at the end of a clinical trial including interacting with the investigator, safety, and answering protocol questions. Most importantly, Dr. Wasielesky will provide advice for how to well position yourself to find and land your first position at a CRO. Questions & Answers 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-wasielesky.jpgLauren Wasielesky, MD, MBA is a remote based Medical Affairs Manager with Veristat having previously served as Medical Affairs Specialist and Medical Affairs Associate. Dr. Wasielesky completed fellowship training in radiology at McMaster University later earning her MBA at McMaster as well. She earned her medical degree at Brazil’s Universidade Federal de Pelotas. She also has over two years’ experience as a financial advisor. Dr. Wasielesky is a SEAK alumna. 

Conference Mentors
You will find our faculty very giving of their time and very willing to answer your individual questions after their presentations, at the networking functions and when not presenting. To increase your networking experience and increase one-on-one attention, we have also assembled a team of mentors to be available to talk one-on-one with the attendees (at no additional charge). 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-bayley.jpgRyan Bayley, MD is a successful physician coach specializing in non-clinical career transition. Through his company, Bayley Coaching Solutions (solvingcareers.com), he helps physicians figure out what they really want and exactly what steps are needed to make that transition happen and has worked with hundreds of SEAK alumni to make that happen. He is the author of Physician Non-Grata: A Survival Guide for Physicians Accused of Poor Communication, Boundary Issues, and Disruptive Behavior. Dr. Bayley is also a SEAK alumnus and a former SEAK keynote speaker. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-best.jpgDavid Best, MD, MBA is the CEO and Co-Founder of the MDea family of companies, including BESTMSLs (BESTMSLs.com), a contract medical science liaison organization, The Doctor’s Channel (TheDoctorsChannel.com), the world’s largest short form video site for doctors including CME, The Almost Doctor’s Channel (TheAlmostDoctorsChannel.com) for premeds, med students, residents and fellows, MDea (MDeaNY.com) a medical communications agency and Dr. Cruiter (DrCruiter.com) a physician placement service. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-bormel.jpgJoe Bormel, MD, MPH is an internist who has broad experience in the healthcare IT/informatics field including industry, regulatory policy, public health and independent consulting. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-brown.jpgStephanie Brown, MD is a coach who specializes in assisting professional women and physicians who feel there is something more for them in life. Dr. Brown is a family physician with over 20 years’ experience and a SEAK alumna. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-caruso.jpgGarson M. Caruso, MD, MPH, CLCP, CMLE, FACOEM, FIAIME is a board-certified Occupational Physician in private consulting practice in Harrisburg, PA. He practiced emergency medicine from 1986 to 2000, then switched specialties to occupational medicine. His non-clinical experience includes complex disability case review, medical direction in workers’ compensation and short-term disability, remote supervision of worker health and wellness clinics, occupational medicine consultation, and work as a Medical Review Officer and medicolegal expert witness in occupational medicine, life expectancy determination, and physician life care planning. Dr. Caruso is a SEAK alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-chadha.jpgSavi Chadha, MD, MPH is a senior regional medical manager and medical science liaison with Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He received his MD from St. James School of Medicine, a Master’s in Public Health from Benedictine University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Chadha is a member of the MSL Society, the Medical Affairs Professional Society, and is a SEAK alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-daccach.jpgJuan Daccach, MD is an orthopedic surgeon who has over 10 years’ experience in the medical device industry. Dr. Daccach is also a certified personal, executive, and health coach. 

finney.jpgJudy L. Finney, MD, FACC has been an Associate Medical Director with Allstate Financial in Chicago since 2012 where her responsibilities mainly involve life insurance underwriting. Dr. Finney is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Interventional Cardiology. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-herbert.jpgLisa Herbert, MD is a physician leadership coach who specializes in helping physicians successfully transition to non-clinical roles. She is an experienced public speaker and podcaster who also serves as a certified DEI consultant and as a recruiter of physicians for non-clinical leadership roles. Her clinical career was in private practice family medicine. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-holland.jpgCarrie Holland, MD, CPT is a life and career coach at carriehollandmd.com, and host of the Strong as a Working Mom weekly podcast. She works with successful professionals who have checked all the boxes decide ‘Now what?’ and go after it. For those who know there is more available to them beyond their current roles, Carrie provides a transformative personal growth experience. She guides people to blow their own minds with what they can accomplish by achieving big health, personal, and professional goals. She is a SEAK alumna. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-huntly.jpgJacqueline Huntly, MD, MPH is a career and leadership development coach (www.thrivetoleadmd.com). She has extensive experience helping physicians bring energy, purpose and joy back into their lives through career transformation both in clinical and non-clinical fields. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-laff.jpgStacie Laff, MD is a pediatrician whose non-clinical experience includes health insurance medical director, telehealth, and expert witnessing. Dr. Laff is a SEAK alumna. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-leafe.jpgMorgan Leafe, MD, MHA is double board-certified in pediatrics and clinical informatics and her non-clinical experience includes professional resume and Linkedin profile writing, freelance medical writing, editing, and copywriting, and clinical informatics. Dr. Leafe is a SEAK alumna..com7

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-loo.jpgChristopher H. Loo, MD-PhD, is a physician who became financially free at the age of 29 and retired early at the age of 38 as a result of making strategic investments after the 2008 financial crisis. He serves as a consultant teaching physicians how to leverage social media marketing to uniquely position themselves in today’s economy. He is a graduate of the MD-PhD program, offered jointly through the Baylor College of Medicine and Department of Bioengineering at Rice University, and is the Founder and CEO of Financial Freedom for Physicians. Dr. Loo is a SEAK alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-lundell.jpgJohn C. Lundell, MD is a practicing anesthesiologist whose non-clinical activities include serving as an expert witnesspublic speaking and authoring the books Anesthesia Basics for Perioperative Nurses and Anesthesia Basics for Medical Students and Resident Rotators. Doctor Lundell is a SEAK alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-lutz.jpgDavid Jonathan Lutz, MD, FAAPMR is a Utilization Review Medical Director for Anthem in the field of Interventional Pain Medicine/PM&R. Dr. Lutz is also a real estate investor in single family homes. Dr. Lutz is a SEAK Alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-mack.jpgElizabeth Mack, MD, MS is a pediatric intensivist whose non-clinical experience includes Medical Director for Quality/Safety and University Faculty Ombuds. Dr. Mack frequently provides media interviews and also frequently testifies in front of state legislators. She is a SEAK alumna and a Full Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-mcdermott.jpgRobert Mcdermott, MD is an allergist whose non-clinical endeavors include coaching other physicians and paid speaking engagements on physician burnout. Dr. Mcdermott is a SEAK alumnus. 

Laura McKain, MD is the founder and moderator of the highly-acclaimed Physician Nonclinical Career Hunter Facebook Group as well as a sought after coach for physicians looking to transition (www.mckainconsulting.com). Dr. McKain is an OB/Gyn who has enjoyed a very successful career with contract research organizations. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-mehta.jpgAmit Mehta, MD is a hematologist/oncologist whose non-clinical endeavors include: physician consultant advising investors in the hematology & oncology space, author of The 7 Types of Doctors (dealing with the impact of insurance-based medicine), expert witness, and entrepreneur — CMO and Founder of FoodyMD which empowers physicians and the public with data-driven knowledge of foods with anti-cancer nutritional value. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-mitchell.jpgR. Brian Mitchell, MD is a part-time practicing hematology/oncology physician who has experience with expert witnessing, file reviews, and locums tenens. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-moles.jpgRebecca Lynne Moles, MD, CPC is a child abuse pediatrician who now serves as a remote based health insurance utilization management medical director and a certified professional coach with a special interest in physician burnout in early and midcareer physicians. Dr. Moles is a SEAK alumna. 

robertson.jpgJ. Bruce Robertson, MD, FACS, CPE, AME is a urologist and SEAK alumnus whose non-clinical experience includes utilization review, disability review, being the founder, CEO, and chairman of a 2,000 member health insurance trust, life care planning, and aviation medical examinations (AMES). 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-roux.jpgJennifer Roux, MD is a pain medicine physician who works remotely in utilization review while being a full-time mom with two school age kids. Dr. Roux is a SEAK alumna. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-sack.jpgStanley Sack, MD is a retired pediatrician who now works as a freelance medical writer with experience in CME, blogging, marketing copy, health journalism and web content marketing. Dr. Sack is a SEAK alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-saintsing.jpgDavid E. Saintsing, MD is a practicing emergency medicine physician whose non-clinical pursuits include board member, startup advisor, business development advisor, PA educator, medical school faculty, hypothermia expert, malpractice insurance company faculty, expert witness, and triathlon coach. Dr. Saintsing is a SEAK alumnus. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-scalera.jpgSushama A. Scalera, MD is an emergency medicine physician who transitioned to become a pharmacovigilance (drug safety) physician in 2018. After serving as a Global Safety Lead, most recently with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, she became Managing Director of Scalera Consulting Group, a consulting firm to biotechnology companies. She provides medical consulting services to several companies on products across the development lifecycle and broad therapeutic areas. Dr. Scalera employs clinical physicians on consulting contracts and provides training in medical review of global case safety reports, pharmacovigilance procedures, and health authority regulations. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-spector.jpgTahlia Spector, MD, FACEP is an internist and emergency medicine physician who transitioned to a career in medical education and administration after suffering a disabling injury. She is a SEAK alumna. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-wasielesky.jpgLauren Wasielesky, MD, MBA is a radiologist who has experience in a series of positions at the contract research organization (CRO) Veristat and also has over two years’ experience as a financial advisor. Dr. Wasielesky is a SEAK alumna.  

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-wolanin.jpgMagdalena (“Maggie”) Wolanin, MD has insight and experience regarding breaking into the pharma industry as a foreign medical graduate (medical science liaison & pharmacovigilance). Dr. Wolanin is a SEAK alumna. 

seak-speakercircles-ncc-chicago-2023-wright.jpgJudy Wright, MD is a full time remote LTSS Medical Director with Molina Healthcare. Dr. Wright has over 10 years’ experience in the health insurance field and previously worked for both Magellan Healthcare and United Healthcare. She is a SEAK alumna who previously practiced family medicine. 

yeh.jpgDavid Yeh, MD is a nuclear physician (still practices part time), investment professional and the author of the book The Busy Doctor’s Investment Guide. His Wealthy Doctor Institute, LLC, (www.wealthydoctorinstitute.com) is a registered investment advisor. Dr. Yeh also manages the Praetorian Archimedes, LP hedge fund for qualified investors. Dr. Yeh is a SEAK alumnus.