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The biggest impediment to career transition is inertia.

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Day One, Saturday, October 15, 2022

7:30–8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters

8:30–9:30 How to Start Transitioning to Your Dream Career, Right Now

Julia Pewitt Kinder, DO
Two of the greatest challenges to a successful physician career transition are inertia and fear of the unknown. Dr. Kinder will demonstrate how to overcome each of these. She will explain how to start your transition by analyzing career options and pairing those with your goals. Dr. Kinder will help you recognize potential roadblocks to a career change, and provide practical and inspirational tips to help you transition to your dream career and move forward Right NowQuestions & Answers

kinder-julia.jpgJulia Pewitt Kinder, DO is a highly experienced and sought after career consultant who specializes in working with physicians to teach the exact steps to find a new career (www.physiciancareeropportunities.com). She is also a medical director for a national health plan, medical director for a hospice company, and international consultant to families of children with Down syndrome. Dr. Kinder is Board Certified in Family Practice. A SEAK alumna, she now serves as SEAK faculty, co-teaching “How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Consulting Practice.”

9:30–10:30 Introduction of the Mentors and the Recruiters
The conference mentors and recruiters will introduce themselves and briefly describe their background and areas of interest.

10:30–11:15 Break and Mentoring & Employer Sign Up Time
Attendees will sign up for individual sessions with recruiters and mentors.

11:15–12:00 Designing the Future You Deserve

Steven W. Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH, PCC
While the changing healthcare environment has led to unprecedented levels of physician burnout, new opportunities to secure professional fulfillment are expanding more rapidly than ever. Successfully seeing and harnessing those potentials requires new ways of thinking and growing. Dr. Steven Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH invites you to this insightful yet practical exploration of how to climb out of the pressure cooker and decisively evolve your purpose and calling as a physician. Questions & Answers 

parkes.jpgSteven W. Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH, PCC is the President and Founder of the Clinician Coaching Institute, LLC (www.cliniciancoachinginstitute.com), the leading professional development and coaching resource for physicians. Dr. Parkes is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who successfully practiced and co-managed a busy 40 physician Emergency Department practice, EMPact Emergency Physicians. He first discovered the transformative power of the coaching process from working with his own coach to realize and escape habits leading to frustration and burnout. Dr. Parkes holds five different coaching certifications and is a 15-time finisher of the Ironman Triathlon, including the world championship in Hawaii. He earned his MD from Rush, his MPH from Johns Hopkins, and his MBA from Notre Dame. He is based in the Chicago area where he resides with his family and three children. He is a SEAK alumnus.

12:00–1:00 LUNCH (Provided with Faculty, Mentors, and Recruiters)

1:00–1:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities for Physicians with the Federal Government

JP Ahluwalia, MD, MPH
Dr. Ahluwalia will provide an overview of the diverse and interesting opportunities available to physicians with the federal government at agencies such as FDA, CDC, HHS, CMS, FAA, and the US Public Health Service. He will provide examples of some of the many roles that physicians may play at these agencies and discuss pay, qualifications, benefits, hours, working conditions (including remote work options), and opportunities for advancement and moving into private industry. Dr. Ahluwalia will offer practical suggestions for those considering employment with the federal government. Questions & Answers

ahluwalia-jp-thumb.jpgJP Ahluwalia, MD, MPH is the Chief of Occupational Medicine for the United States Coast Guard in Washington, DC, and a Commander with the US Public Health Service. In this role, he is responsible for the occupational health and safety of over 50,000 active duty Coast Guard members. Previously Dr. Ahluwalia served as a Medical Officer with the FDA where he was responsible for monitoring the safety of approved biologic products including vaccines. Dr. Ahluwalia spent 8 years in the Army, including a tour with the 82nd Airborne Division in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He is a Fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Preventative Medicine, and Board Certified in Public Health and General Preventative Medicine. He received his BA and MD from Ohio State and his MPH from Johns Hopkins.

B. Opportunities with Medical Device Companies

Christine R. Mauro, MD, MMSc
Dr. Mauro will survey the numerous full-time and part-time/contract opportunities for physicians available in the medical device field. She will discuss what physicians may do on a day-to-day basis including product development, regulatory, safety, education, and recalls. Dr. Mauro will discuss which specialties are typically the best fit for device companies, working conditions (including potential work from home), hours, travel, compensation, and opportunities for advancement. Most importantly, Dr. Mauro will provide advice for how to best position yourself and land your first job in the medical device industry. Questions & Answers

mauro.jpgChristine R. Mauro, MD, MMSc is a remote-based Senior Global Medical Director for Stryker. Previously she served as Medical Director, Minimally Invasive Therapies Group for Medtronic. Dr. Mauro received her BA from Arizona State, her MD from Minnesota, and her MMSc from Harvard Medical School. She trained in general surgery and completed a vascular surgery postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard-affiliated institutions. Dr. Mauro is married to a practicing general surgeon and they are the proud parents of two small children. She lives in the beautiful Berkshires of far western Massachusetts.

1:50–2:00 Break and Networking Opportunity

2:00–2:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities as a Medical Writer

Maryam S. Abbasi, MD
Dr. Abbasi will discuss the varied opportunities available to physicians in the field of medical writing. She will discuss opportunities as both an employed medical writer and as a freelancer, including remote and work-from-home opportunities in both settings. Dr. Abbasi will explain the varied projects medical writers may work on such as regulatory writing, CME writing, posters and abstracts, direct-to-consumer marketing, medical editing, slide decks, blogs, patient education materials, writing clinical guidelines, grant writing, and more. She will also discuss compensation, work setting, available training, what employers and clients are looking for, and most importantly, how to best position yourself to break into this field and use proven techniques to find and land your first position or assignment. Questions & Answers

abassi-maryam.jpgMaryam S. Abbasi, MD is an experienced freelance medical writer. She has worked on a wide variety of assignments including writing hundreds of journal article summaries, creating materials for advisory board meetings with key stakeholders, and editing and reviewing the quality of over 700 research abstracts for a nationwide OB/GYN conference.

B. Opportunities in Health Insurance and Utilization Review

Glenda E Flemister, MD, FACP, FCCP
Dr. Flemister will describe the intellectually stimulating opportunities available for physicians as medical directors tasked with utilization reviews. She will explain the types of utilization reviews that may be needed and what medical directors may do on a day to day basis including utilization review, case rounds, integrated case management, consults, peer to peers, and many other functions. Dr. Flemister will dispel common myths about health insurers and will offer insights into hours, working conditions (including the growing number of work from home opportunities), compensation, benefits, and the varied roles beyond utilization management that physicians may play with health insurers. Dr. Flemister will discuss part time and independent contractor opportunities, who this might be a good/poor fit for, appropriate specialties, opportunities for advancement and most importantly, how to break into and succeed in health insurance and utilization review. Questions & Answers 

fleminster.jpgGlenda E Flemister, MD, FACP, FCCP has extensive experience in the health insurance field including over 10 years as a Medical Director with Aetna as well as experience as a Medical Director for BCBS Association and Chief Medical Officer of a patient management company that became a managed care organization. Dr. Flemister is triple board certified (Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine). She earned her bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois and her MD from Loyola of Chicago. Dr. Flemister currently serves as a consultant and expert witness. She is a SEAK alumna.

2:50–3:00 Break and Networking Opportunity

3:00–3:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities for Physicians in the Disability Insurance Field

David J. Berube, MD, MPH
Dr. Berube will share the full time, part time and contract opportunities available to physicians in the disability insurance field. He will describe what physicians do on a day-to-day basis including claim review, research, report writing, peer to peers, and interacting with claims professionals. Dr. Berube will explain why he loves his job and finds it intellectually stimulating and rewarding. He will also discuss hours, compensation, requirements for boards/license, specialties most in demand, work from home possibilities, working conditions and benefits. Dr. Berube will provide advice on how to break into the disability insurance industry. Questions & Answers

berube-david-.jpgDavid J. Berube, MD, MPH serves as Chief Medical Officer, VP at Lincoln Financial Group. He is also an assistant clinical professor at both Yale and UConn. He has vast experience in the field of disability insurance including Chief Medical Officer, VP, Liberty Mutual Benefits and National Medical Director, Group Insurance at Aetna. Dr. Berube completed his Occupational and Environmental Medicine Fellowship at Yale and earned his MD at the University of Vermont and his BA at Wesleyan.

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Pharma

Michael DePietro, MD
Dr. DePietro will discuss the numerous roles and opportunities for physicians in the pharmaceutical industry including pharmacovigilance (safety), regulatory affairs, marketing, communication/writing, and research and development. He will provide, for each role, typical day-to-day tasks, travel requirements, credentials generally required, opportunities for advancement, compensation, and need for relocation (and potential work from home). Dr. DePietro will explain how to find the companies developing/selling products within your own therapeutic area and provide practical advice for physicians who wish to position themselves to find and land a position within industry. Questions & Answers

depietro.jpgMichael DePietro, MD is the Chief Medical Officer for Airway Therapeutics. Airway Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of biologics to break the cycle of injury and inflammation for patients with respiratory and inflammatory diseases. As Chief Medical officer He is working to help lead the organization in this mission and particularly advance the development of the novel recombinant human protein rhSP-D – an engineered version of the endogenous protein hSP-D – that reduces inflammation and infection while modulating the immune response. He previously served as Respiratory Therapeutic Area Lead, Global Medical Affairs for Teva Pharmaceuticals, and as a Senior Medical Director — Respiratory for AstraZeneca. Dr. DePietro is a Board-Certified Pulmonary Critical Care physician. Prior to his work in pharma he was a partner in a large pulmonary critical care group practice at Christiana Care Health Services were he was an ICU director, clinical investigator, and residency program faculty member, and clinical Assistant professor of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine. He earned his BS at the University of Scranton and his MD at Hahnemnann.

3:50–4:00 Break and Networking Opportunity

4:00–4:50 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities With Startups

Alisa Niksch, MD
Dr. Niksch will provide an overview of the current healthcare startup environment and will explain the various part time, full time, work from home, consulting, employee, and employee/owner roles physicians play with these dynamic organizations. Dr. Niksch will explain what physicians assisting startups may do on a day to day basis (including advising, regulatory work, training, research and development, etc.) and discuss how physicians working with startups may be compensated. Most importantly, Dr. Niksch will provide practical advice for how to locate and land positions with startups, how to succeed in these roles, and how to position yourself to be attractive to startups. Questions & Answers

niksch.jpgDr. Alisa Niksch is Chief Medical Officer of Genetesis, Inc., a company which has created a novel cloud-connected and AI-powered cardiac diagnostics and imaging platform. She is a trained pediatric cardiologist and electrophysiologist, practicing at Tufts Medical Center since 2010. She has been an advisor and researcher for multiple digital health startup companies like AliveCor, Inc., Zephyr Technologies, MindChild Medical, and Sproutling. She continues to be a mentor with programs such as MIT Hacking Medicine and MassChallenge HealthTech. She has authored articles in peer-reviewed journals on digital health and wearable technologies, and has spoken on the applications of AI in medicine and the experience of women in the technology sector. She is a graduate of The University of Virginia School of Medicine, and completed her fellowship training at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center and Stanford/UCSF Medical Centers.

B. Opportunities in Life Insurance

Michael H. Wetzel, MD, DBIM, CLU
Dr. Wetzel will describe the rewarding and intellectually stimulating opportunities for physicians with the numerous US Life Insurance Companies. He will explain the underwriting and other interesting work physicians typically do in a life insurance company, hours, work environment (work from home often available), the compensation range that can be expected for new hires, the typical corporate compensation and benefit structure, what the work consists of on a day-to-day basis, opportunity for advancement, certification in insurance medicine, and the specialties and clinical experience which are most appropriate for this industry. Dr. Wetzel will explain how and where to obtain the skills needed to succeed as a medical director at a life insurance company. He will provide practical tips for positioning yourself for such work and landing a first-time position in the life insurance industry. Questions & Answers 

wetzel.jpgMichael H. Wetzel, MD, DBIM, CLU is the Chief Medical Director for Equitable Life. Prior to Equitable Life, Dr. Wetzel was a VP, Medical Director with Prudential and an AVP, Associate Medical Director with the Hartford. He is board certified in Family Medicine and Insurance Medicine. Dr. Wetzel earned his BS at Penn State and his MD from Thomas Jefferson Medical College.

4:50–6:00 Networking Reception with Colleagues, Faculty, Mentors, Recruiters, and Employers

Day 2: Sunday, October 16, 2022

7:00–7:30 Continental Breakfast with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters

7:30–8:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities as a Wellness, Nutrition, and Exercise Coach

Carrie Holland, MD
Many physicians have a passion for wellness, but are unable to best serve their patients with wellness advice because of the way health care is currently structured and financed. Dr. Holland will provide practical advice for how to start, build and run a successful fee for service wellness coaching practice which can be used to supplement or eventually replace a physician’s clinical practice. Dr. Holland will discuss training, fee setting, business structure, choosing services/packages to offer, how to deliver a superior product and numerous techniques for how to land clients. Questions & Answers

holland.jpgCarrie Holland, MD is a health and fitness coach who is the founder of mywhyfitness.net. She is a certified personal trainer who works with busy professionals, parents, and high achievers on diet, exercise and wellness. Dr. Holland is a board-certified family physician who still maintains a clinical practice. She has trained as an Integrative Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Dr. Holland is the mother of 2 small children and is a competitive body builder. She is a SEAK alumna.

B. Opportunities with Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Bharat K. Kohli, MD, MBA
Dr. Kohli will provide an overview of what CROs are, why they exist and what they do. He will survey the opportunities available to physicians within CROs. Dr. Kohli will explain the many advantages to these positions including the possibility of working from home, flexible schedules, and potentially opening additional doors in the pharmaceutical industry. He will also cover possibilities for advancement, compensation, and what physicians working for CROs may do on a day to day basis. Most importantly, Dr. Kohli will provide advice for how to well position yourself to find and land your first position at a CRO. Questions & Answers

kohli.jpgBharat K. Kohli, MD, MBA has vast and diverse non-clinical experience including CMO for an FQHC, CMO for the boutique CRO Applied Health Resources Management, Medical Director for United Health Care, Global Director Healthcare R & D for Praxair, Associate CMO for Kaleida Health, and Senior Assistant Medical Director for Johnson & Johnson MD&D. Dr. Kohli specializes in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He earned his MD at the University of Toronto and his MBA at the University of Buffalo.

8:20–8:30 Break and Networking Opportunity

8:30–9:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities in Medical Communication and Advertising

Nicole Bamba, MD
Dr. Bamba will provide an overview to the employment and freelance opportunities for physicians in the fields of medical communication and advertising and describe ways that physicians can apply their clinical expertise and creativity in this exciting and dynamic industry, e.g. provide insight on medical strategy, be a trusted advisor, assist with producing deliverables for clients, review communications for regulatory compliance, and more. She will discuss practical matters such as qualifications (Boards and License generally not required), locations, job security, earning potential, a “day-in-the-life”, remote work opportunities, typical client base, career advancement, travel, and lifestyle expectations. Dr. Bamba will describe what medical communication and advertising firms are seeking in physicians and will provide practical advice to help attendees break into these fields and achieve success. Questions & Answers

bamba.jpgNicole Bamba, MD has experience in medical communications as both a freelancer and an employee (Medical Director). She started her career straight out of a neurology residency by working as a senior copyrighter for Grey Healthcare Group. Dr. Bamba’s subsequent experience includes VP, Associate Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Cline, Davis and Mann, Medical Director at Pixacore, Senior Medical Writer at Avant Healthcare, and currently as a home-based Freelance Medical Director at Area 23 on Hudson. Dr. Bamba is the mother of two young children. Her husband is an emergency medicine physician who also transitioned to a work from home non-clinical medical director role with a major insurance company. Dr. Bamba earned her BA from Duke and her MD from the University of Chicago.

B. How to Succeed as a Physician Entrepreneur

Ziad Gellad, MD, MPH
With healthcare comprising 1/6 of the U.S. economy, Dr. Gellad will discuss the tremendous opportunities for physicians who start their own businesses including autonomy, creativity, and earning potential.  He will discuss the benefits and risks of starting your own business. Dr. Gellad will provide practical tips, based on his own successes and failures, for succeeding as a physician entrepreneur including finding the right niche, protecting and testing your idea, business structure, finance, risk management, and growth strategies.

gellad.pngZiad Gellad, MD, MPH is the Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder of Higgs Boson, Inc. a digital healthcare company that provides seamless patient engagement for better outcomes and practice efficiencies and whose products include Manage My Surgery. He is a Johns Hopkins and Duke-trained gastroenterologist with a passion for improving healthcare quality and value. Dr. Gellad is a practicing gastroenterologist, health services researcher, physician executive, and entrepreneur. In each role, his commitment to the patient and the patient experience has been central. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke where he also serves as Associate Vice Chair for Ambulatory Services in the Department of Medicine.

9:20–9:30 Break and Networking Opportunity

9:30–10:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities as a Medical Science Liaison

Jihad (JR) Rizkallah, MD, MSL-BC
Dr. Rizkallah will explain what medical science liaisons (MSLs) do on a day-to-day basis in their role of supporting drug research and development and being the point person to meet virtually and in person with treating physicians, key opinion leaders and digital opinion leaders. He will further provide insights into why the opportunities for physicians in this field are likely to greatly expand in the next few years. Dr. Rizkallah will discuss compensation, working conditions and travel and provide suggestions as to how to break into this interesting and rewarding field and succeed at it. Questions & Answers

rizkallah-jihad-.jpgJihad (JR) Rizkallah, MD, MSL-BC currently serves as Director, Team Lead, MSL Neurology West for Sunovion, where he leads a team of MSLs. Dr. Rizkallah is an MSL thought leader who serves on both the Advisory Board and the Certification Committee for the Medical Science Liaison Society. His long and successful career in industry includes stints at Pfizer, Parke-Davis and currently Sunovion. Dr. Rizkallah is a foreign medical graduate with expertise in many disease states. He earned his medical degree at the medical school of Athens, Greece and completed his residency in internal medicine prior to transitioning to non-clinical work in the U.S.A.

B. Opportunities in Health Informatics and IT

Jonathan Lovins, MD, SFHM, MMCi
Healthcare IT/Informatics is a dynamic area that offers numerous roles and opportunities for physicians. These positions could be with a health care organization, industry, academic medical center, or the government. Dr. Lovins will discuss what physicians involved in Healthcare IT do on a day-to-day basis including assisting with quality and safety, process improvement, data literacy, decision support, training, guidance, adoption, and data analytics. He will provide insights on qualifications required (you don’t have to be a computer geek or mathematician) and helpful specialized education options to get you up to speed. Dr. Lovins will discuss possible career paths, compensation, career arc, and most importantly, how to position yourself to break into this field and find and land your first position. Questions & Answers

lovins.jpgJonathan Lovins, MD, SFHM, MMCi is the Assistant Chief Medical Officer at Duke Regional Hospital (part of Duke University Health System). Dr. Lovins is also a practicing Hospitalist. His IT experience includes implementing a $1B EHR for a 1,500 bed, 2,000 physician health system and being the lead physician for EHR adoption, training, content creation, and optimization. Dr. Lovins earned his BA at Clark University in MA and his MD at the University of Connecticut and completed a Masters of Management in Clinical Informatics at Duke University School of Medicine. He is board certified in Clinical Informatics and a Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine.

10:20–10:30 Break and Networking Opportunity

10:30–11:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities as a Real Estate Agent

Maureen Watson, MD
Dr. Watson will discuss the advantages of working full time or part time as a real estate agent. She will explain the licensing process, costs, how to get started, how brokers make money on the buy and sell sides, and most importantly, how to leverage the network you have developed as a physician into a lucrative second career or side gig. Dr. Watson will give insights into what successful real estate agents do on a day-to-day basis and provide advice on how you can even be successful by just making referrals and not actually showing houses. Questions & Answers

watson-maureen1.pngMaureen Watson, MD has been a licensed Realtor since 2016, first with Century 21 Scheetz and presently with eXp Realty. Dr. Watson’s real estate practice is part of her portfolio career of serving as a physician advisor for the Franciscan Alliance Health System and performing insurance reviews for a major health insurance company. Dr. Watson practiced radiology before transitioning to her non-clinical endeavors. She is currently writing two books on real estate. Dr. Watson earned her BA from DePauw and her MD from Indiana University.

B. Opportunities as a Physician Advisor

Christina Rama, MD
Dr. Rama will discuss the interesting and rewarding opportunities available as a physician advisor. She will cover hours/working conditions and what physician advisors do including meetings with insurance medical directors, staff education, chart review, improving charting, challenging denials, preventing denials, contract analysis, literature searches, and appeals. Dr. Rama will provide insights as to why physician advisor jobs can pay more than clinical medicine and will provide practical tips as to how to best position yourself for a physician advisor role, find and land these positions, and succeed at them. Questions & Answers

rama-christina.jpgChristina Rama, MD is the Chief of Hospital Medicine/Chief Physician Advisor at Cone Health in Greensboro, North Carolina. Dr. Rama has a team of four physician advisors reporting to her. Dr. Rama started her healthcare career as a nurse, later attending medical school at Wake Forest.

11:20–11:30 Break and Networking Opportunity

11:30–12:20 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities in Teaching and Educational Administration

Elizabeth McMurtry, DO, FACEP
Dr. McMurtry will discuss the fulfilling and widely varied full time, part time, and contract teaching opportunities available to physicians including teaching medical students, residents and fellows, nurses, advanced practice providers and other health care professionals, pre-med undergraduates, high school students, and others. She will provide tips for how to find and land jobs, expected compensation ranges, time commitment and typical duties. In addition, Dr. McMurtry will survey the interesting and diverse opportunities for physicians available in educational administration including what these doctors may do on a day to day basis and compensation ranges and provide practical suggestions for how to locate and obtain these positions. Questions & Answers

mcmurty.jpgElizabeth McMurtry, DO, FACEP is an emergency medicine physician who has transitioned to become the Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and Faculty Development at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she is also an adjunct clinical faculty member. Previously, Dr. McMurtry served as the Regional Dean for the Walla Walla Core Site. Dr. McMurtry received her BS from California Baptist University and her DO from Des Moines University. She is a SEAK alumna.

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Medical Administration

Tom Whalen, MD, MMM, FACHE
Dr. Whalen will discuss the numerous and varied non-clinical opportunities for physicians in medical administration. He will explain the diverse and exhilarating work both part time and full-time physician administrators may perform. Dr. Whalen will also discuss earning potential, lifestyle, benefits, opportunities for advancement, and how physician administrators can positively impact the lives of both patients and care givers. Most importantly, Dr. Whalen will provide advice for how to best position yourself for transitioning into medical administration. Questions & Answers

whalen-tom-.jpgTom Whalen, MD, MMM, FACHE spent 10 years as the chief medical officer of Lehigh Valley Health Network, retiring in 2021. Prior to transitioning to administration Dr. Whalen practiced as a pediatric surgeon with extensive experience in national leadership roles and in academic medicine. He earned his BA/MD from Boston University and his Masters of Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Whalen currently serves as a physician executive coach as well as on multiple Boards.

12:20–1:20 LUNCH (Provided with Faculty, Mentors and Recruiters)

1:20–2:10 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities as an Aviation Medical Examiner

J. Bruce Robertson, MD, FACS, CPE, AME
All commercial and non-commercial pilots in the United States must be medically certified and regularly recertify to maintain their licenses. Such certification must be provided by an FAA trained and certified Aviation Medical Examiner physician. Dr. Robertson will discuss the opportunities for physicians as an AME including certification by the FAA (the FAA provides this training for free), responsibilities, liability, fee setting and the potentially substantial income opportunities. He will provide practical advice on how to get started as an AME and succeed in this area. He will also discuss the additional opportunities that serving as an AME can create such as consulting for the FAA. Questions & Answers

robertson.jpgJ. Bruce Robertson, MD, FACS, CPE, AME is a board certified urologist with diverse non-clinical experience including utilization review, disability review, being the founder, CEO, and chairman of a 2,000 member health insurance trust, life care planning, and aviation medical examinations. Dr. Robertson still practices urology but no longer performs major surgery. Dr. Robertson earned his BA at the University of Houston and his MD from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He is the former vice-chairman of the American Urological Association’s National Legislative Committee. Dr. Robertson is a SEAK Alumnus.

B. Opportunities With Risk Retention Groups/Medical Malpractice Insurance

Peter Perdik, MD
Dr. Perdik will describe how and why he founded and became the CEO of a Risk Retention Group (Physician Owned Medical Malpractice Self Insurance Company). He will explain the opportunities for physicians in these organizations and the interesting and diverse tasks physicians can undertake such as risk management, improving patient safety, provider education, process improvement, claims review and strategy, culture building, underwriting, reinsurance, credentialing and auditing. He will also discuss how the experience gained from working in these areas can position a physician for additional non-clinical roles including in risk management, safety, administration, and expert witnessing. Dr. Perdik will provide practical advice for how to get involved non-clinically with both risk retention groups (including as a founder) and medical malpractice insurance companies. Questions & Answers

perdick-peter.jpgPeter Perdik, MD is the co-founder and former President/CEO of Physicians Proactive Protection a Risk Retention Group. In this role he was involved in all aspects of running a medical malpractice insurance company. Dr. Perdik currently practices pulmonology. His current non-clinical professional activities include file reviews, independent medical examinations and expert witnessing. Dr. Perdik earned his BA from NYU and his MD from St.George’s in Grenada where he was present during Operation Urgent Fury in 1983.

2:10–2:20 Break and Networking Opportunity

2:20–3:10 BREAKOUT SESSION (Choose One)

A. Opportunities for Physicians in Knowledge Consulting

Robert J. Cooper, MD, FACE, FACP
Dr. Cooper will explain how to supplement your clinical income through consulting with knowledge companies. He will explain how this work can be quite lucrative (three to four figures per hour), can be done at a high volume, and how this work will often improve your clinical knowledge and skills. Dr. Cooper will describe the various forms of assignments that can be obtained including surveys, phone interviews and focus groups. He will discuss how to get the work, turnaround times, compliance issues and will provide practical tips to start, build, and run a lucrative knowledge consulting practice. Dr. Cooper will also provide a list of knowledge companies which utilize physicians. Questions & Answers

cooper.jpgRobert J. Cooper, MD, FACE, FACP is very active in non-clinical pursuits including knowledge company consulting, file review consulting, and expert witnessing. He is boarded in both endocrinology and internal medicine, is clinically active and is a graduate of SUNY StonyBrook and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Cooper is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tufts University. He is a SEAK alumnus.

B. Opportunities for Physicians in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Morayo Fakiya, MD, CPHQ, CPPS, CLSSBB
Dr. Fakiya will survey the opportunities for physicians in the fields of patient safety and quality. She will explain what physicians in these fields do on a day to day basis including reviewing adverse events, process improvement, patient advocacy, quality improvement, professional complaints, and training providers. Dr. Fakiya will cover compensation, working conditions, the ability to maintain a clinical practice and other practical considerations. She will provide practical advice on how to break into these fields and succeed. Questions & Answers

fakiya.jpgMorayo Fakiya, MD, CPHQ, CPPS, CLSSBB is the CEO and Founder of ORET Healthcare Enterprise which uses multiple innovative strategies (including population health improvement, clinical business intelligence, and capacity building) to promote quality and patient safety. Previously, she served as the Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at Howard University Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Fakiya is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, a Certified Professional in Patient Safety, and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She is board certified in both internal medicine and obesity medicine and is a SEAK alumna.