SEAK’s Non-Clinical Careers Conference is the perfect venue for anyone who is looking to recruit or network with motivated physicians who are looking to try something new.

October 19-20, 2024
Chicago, IL

If you are a recruiter, employer or vendor interested in exhibiting at SEAK’s Non-Clinical Careers Conference, please contact Kelly Wilbur, Esq. via email at or by phone at (781) 491-6802.

“I was very impressed by the turn out and caliber of attendees. We are in the process of formerly interviewing several attendees and have already hired a few.”

Some of the industries that have come to recruit include:

  • Benefit Management and Technology
  • Biomechanics
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronic Health Record Consulting
  • Global Health Insurers
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Hospice
  • Management Consulting
  • Medical and Travel Security Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical File/Claim Reviews
  • Medical Reimbursements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Physician Advisor
  • Specialty Benefit Management
  • Surgical Monitoring Services
  • Third Party Administrator
  • Wellness

What our past recruiters and conference attendees have to say:

“Our recruiters really enjoyed participating at last year’s conference, and we hired 5 physicians from the event and are still in
conversations with others from last year.”

“We have already sent out 3 physician employment contracts with hopefully another 10 to go out this week after some follow up calls. We had a great weekend and look forward to next year.”

“For the ROI, SEAK represents the best value of all conferences we attend.”

“We found the SEAK conference and attendees to be a great venue for meeting potential candidates.” 

“The conference was outstanding as far as recruiting physicians and it is definitely a conference that we will return for next year. The conference was a great opportunity not only for us, but very helpful for the physicians in regards to learning about all the various non-clinical opportunities that are out there for them.  We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to attending next year.”

“The Conference was great, we had a steady round of people at our table for the two days.”

“This was an excellent opportunity for us to meet really qualified candidates”

“The conference was great. We spoke to nearly 150 candidates and left with a high volume of qualified and interested candidates.  We will absolutely be back next year. “

“For [our company] this conference offers the best return on investment (ROI). “

“SEAK provides [our firm] an excellent ROI for our recruitment process. The growth of the conference participants is evidence your ability to tap into a pulse of the state of medicine today and employer/candidate positive responses to the offerings at this conference. See you next year and keep up the good work!”

“It was a very successful conference for us, and we would love to exhibit again next year.”

“The conference was great! We will definitively come and recruit again next year.”

“I placed two of the doc’s from last Conference in Medical Director roles in December and may have current openings for a couple more.  Both physicians are very happy with their new management roles.

“It was a great experience! I am confident we will have several hires resulting from these two days. Thanks again for putting together a fantastic conference this weekend!“

“I met some great candidates and plan to attend again next year”

“The conference was an extremely successful event for us.  We have already been in contact with several of the attendees that we met with over the weekend.” 

“I have been offered a wonderful non-clinical job with [company name], a neuromonitoring company that I met at your non-clinical course. I dragged my husband Gary (an ER doc) to the course also, and he is starting next week with [other company name], whom he met at your course. We are SOOO happy. Again, thank you”

“I have accepted a part time position with [one of the companies recruiting at your Conference]. Your meeting was extremely helpful.”

“I just wanted to drop you a line with an update. A few weeks ago I accepted a position with [a company who was recruiting at the SEAK Conference], and I’ve resigned from my practice as of January. This was the first goal in my action plan, so I’m very excited both about this new position and about pursuing the rest of my goals! Thanks very much for your assistance … the SEAK conference was definitely a major source of inspiration and resources for me.”

“Our recruiting at the SEAK Conference was well worthwhile. We identified 2 very good candidates and 1 other decent one.  We will definitely return next year and would like to run 2 tables.”

“Our recruiters really enjoyed participating at last years conference, and we hired 5 physicians from the event and are still in conversations with others from last year.”

“The recruiter for our consulting company felt that recruiting at the SEAK Conference was very worthwhile and that we connected with a number of well qualified candidates.”

“The conference was excellent! Exactly where we need to be every year to build relationships with physicians who are interested in non-clinical roles. Please invite us back next year.”

“We were extremely successful recruiting at your event, and have multiple new hires as a result.”