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Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians

Non-Clinical Careers Conference- Chicago
October 19-20, 2019
Featuring Mentoring, Recruiters and Employers
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Informative and Inspirational Presentations
Career Specific Breakout Sessions
Network with our Conference Faculty
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Informative Sessions

SEAK’s Non-Clinical Career Conference features twenty-two informative sessions. The conference provides information and advice applicable to all physicians considering transitioning to a non-clinical career.More Information>>

Conference Mentors

To increase your networking experience and increase one-on-one attention, we have also assembled a robust panel of mentors to be available to talk one-on-one with the attendees More Information>>

Job Fair/Employers

We will once again be inviting recruiters and employers to interview attendees at the conference. Our recruiters and employers traditionally conduct many hundreds of interviews onsite and hire many of our physician attendees. More Information >>

Benefits of Attending

See with your own eyes that switching to a non-clinical career has more financial potential than clinical medicine and is in fact a step forward, not a step backwards.More Information >>

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SEAK’s Highly-Acclaimed Book


  • This book addresses ALL of your questions and concerns (and even the ones you didn’t realize you had) regarding the change to a non-clinical career!
    Carrie Cannon, MD Sewickley, PA
  • Part blueprint, inspirational text, career mentor and pocket strategist, this book is for anyone in the medical field who ever wondered if it was possible to optimize their life goals or change career paths. This book proves it’s never too late to pursue your other dreams.
    James Bell, MD, PhD Port Jefferson, NY
  • This extremely resourceful but concise review walks you through all the processes needed to make the transition to a non-clinical career. It would have saved me hundreds of hours!
    LaVonne Berg, MD Springfield, MO
  • Concise and to the point. The organization of the book makes it easy to find desired information.
    Lee Lawrence, MD Brookfield, WI
  • Very informative. One of its greatest values is that it helps the reader figure out the correct questions to ask himself and potential employers. The personal accounts of how physicians have made the transition and their experiences good and bad are invaluable.
    Constantine Brocoum, MD Hopkinton, NH
  • Thorough, well-organized, and well written.
    Joseph Zito, MD Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Rich with information.
    Don C. Bienfang, MD Lincoln, MA
  • All physicians interested in non-clinical careers must read, highlight and underline this book. The pages are filled with useful information.
    Donald W. Brown, Jr., DO Muskegon, MI
  • Lots of options presented in the book which were very helpful to see. The biggest surprise to me was that I now realize I do not need to change careers at this time, but can modify what I have to achieve my desired results.
    Laura Rice, MD Wellsboro, PA
  • Another homerun for SEAK.
    Robert Ellis, MD Elkhart, IN
  • Packed with information, is a ‘must read’ for anyone considering a new professional direction.
    Steve Flohr, MD Greenville, TN
  • Giving up ‘being a doctor’ in the traditional sense is not at all easy. The perfect prescription; practical, thorough, with innumerable examples, this book shows you the way and will be many an unhappy clinician’s salvation.
    Michael Epps, MD Jackson, TN
  • An excellent resource for physicians considering a nonclinical career. I wish this were available to me several years ago.
    Laurie Frueh, MD Arnold, MD
  • I couldn’t put down your new book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians! Love it, love it. I just wish I had it about 10 years ago!
    Julia Pewitt Kinder, DO Cape Girardeau, MI
  • Nicely balanced, straight forward and honest. Great job!
    Ron Anderson, MD, MACP Dallas, TX
  • Great book! Practical and easy to read. An excellent resource for physicians at all levels of transition.
    Kathy Bonapace, MD Rochester, MN
  • Thoroughly covers everything you need to know -- financial, emotional, and logistical -- before making the leap into a non-clinical career.
    Maria Simbra, MD Pittsburgh, PA
  • The handbook, the roadmap, the Bible for those of us seeking to move from clinical to non-clinical careers. Thanks!
    Bill Wassel, MD Toms River, NJ
  • Excellent choice of topics - something every physician can use.
    Joyce Johnson, DO Chevy Chase, MD
  • An excellent comprehensive guide to help doctors make the giant leap from clinical to non-clinical careers. It is possible to do it and continue to keep food on the table!
    Neil Shulman, MD Decatur, GA
  • For doctors considering a fundamental career change, this book is like a GPS for the road not taken.
    Eric Chevlen, MD Youngstown, OH
  • I especially like the format with the bulleted executive summaries and the use of punchy real-life stories to bring home the points. My only complaint is that I did not have access to this book when I began my journey in 1996.
    Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS Natick, MA
  • A well-organized, comprehensive and thoroughly readable guide to the various non-clinical career options available to physicians. A thoughtful, highly practical approach for physicians considering a career change.
    Moshe Fuksbrumer, MD Teaneck, NJ
  • A treasure trove of advice, situational case studies and anecdotes, along with a thorough analysis of the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s’ of physician career transition before offering the ‘how’.
    Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH Los Angeles, CA
  • THE place to turn for those considering a career change from clinical medicine.
    Susan Rose, DO Brighton, MI

Hear From Our Past Attendees

“Thank you for the Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians course. It was wonderfully informative and a great experience! The networking opportunity alone was worth more than the price of the course!”

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