One of the hottest non-clinical careers for physicians is coaching. With physician dissatisfaction at an all-time high physicians are coaching other physicians who want to transition out of clinical medicine.

Physicians seeking additional information on how to be a physician career coach can attend the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference in Chicago on October 20-21, 2018.

At the conference, Ryan Bayley will present Opportunities for Physicians in Coaching:

Opportunities for Physicians in Coaching

Ryan Bayley, MD

Dr. Bayley will describe the exciting and extremely rewarding opportunities for physicians available in the field of coaching. Dr. Bayley will discuss how to get into this work including certification and getting your first few clients.  He will describe the various types of consulting physicians can do including 1-1 and institutional.  Dr. Bayley will explain the advantages of this work including being able to work from home and flexible hours and give advice on how to set your rates and how to successfully build your practice. Questions & Answers 

Ryan Bayley, MD is a successful physician coach. His practice ( focuses on burnout resilience, career transition, and leadership and serves both individual physicians (and non-physicians) and institutions.  Dr. Bayley is an Emergency Medicine Physician and still works clinically a few shifts each month.  He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and his MD from Vanderbilt.  Dr. Bayley is a SEAK alumnus.