Dr. Phillip Polakoff MD, PhD was recently interviewed about careers in consulting for physicians who are considering leaving clinical medicine. Dr. Polakoff will be speaking at the SEAK Nation Non Clinical Careers Conference to be held on October 25-26, 2014 in Chicago, IL.

Q. Dr. Polakoff, why do consulting firms hire physicians?

In order to make money and, because the issues facing healthcare organizations are increasingly complex and require physician leadership, alignment and engagement to be appropriately addressed and solved.

Q. What do you look for in a physician when considering him/her for a position?

A physician who is willing to work as part of a team and not be afraid to get their hands dirty. The individual must have expertise in specific areas, ability to facilitate change management, understand analytics and communicate with clarity and integrity. They must be able to listen well and synthesize multiple points of view

Q. What traits do good physician consultants have in common?

They are analytical, have good communication skills, willing to simultaneously learn and contribute knowledge. They are realistic about what their background actually means to their firm and clients and do not need their egos stroked continually. They understand that all physicians are not created equal and they will need to earn respect every single day.

Q. How important is good “people skills” for physician consultants?

Extraordinarily important. A superb clinician can be successful without them. A good consultant cannot.

Opportunities for Physicians with Consulting Firms: What are the Opportunities, What are the Requirements, and How Do You Land a Position

Phillip Polakoff, MD, MPH

Dr. Polakoff will discuss the numerous and varied opportunities available to physicians with consulting firms. He will explain what physician consultants do, the hiring process, and the salary structure. Dr. Polakoff will offer insight into what consulting firms look for when hiring a physician.

Phillip Polakoff, MD, MPH is a Senior Managing Director and Chief Medical Executive in the Health Solutions practice of FTI Consulting.  Dr. Polakoff is involved with clients (both providers and payers) in designing and implementing value based reimbursement initiatives, constructing clinical integration organizations, facilitating physician hospital alignment and structuring population health management programs. Dr. Polakoff’s career in healthcare spans thirty-five years and includes product development, network development, care management, organizational and business development, policy formulation, communications and financing.