By James J. Mangraviti, Jr. 

Introduction: The Importance of Knowing Job Tiles for Non-Clinical Careers 

If you are considering transitioning to non-clinical work, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the common job titles for non-clinical jobs for physicians.  Having an understanding of these job titles for non-clinical careers for physicians will facilitate electronic job searches and will make you sound more knowledgeable when networking and interviewing.  The most common job titles for physicians in non-clinical fields are listed below. 

82 Job Titles for Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians 

  1. Assistant Director 
  2. Assistant Vice-President of Clinical Affairs 
  3. Assistant Medical Director 
  4. Associate Chief of Staff for Education 
  5. Associate Clinical Development Director 
  6. Associate Clinical Director 
  7. Associate Clinical Research Director 
  8. Associate Director 
  9. Associate Director of Medical Science Liaison Training 
  10. Associate Drug Safety Director 
  11. Associate Medical Affairs Director 
  12. Associate Medical Director 
  13. Associate Medical Research Director 
  14. Chief Executive Officer 
  15. Chief Medical Information Officer 
  16. Chief Medical Officer 
  17. Chief Operating Officer 
  18. Chief Scientific Officer 
  19. Clinical Affairs Specialist 
  20. Clinical Development Physician 
  21. Clinical Development Project Physician 
  22. Clinical Director 
  23. Clinical Informatics Director 
  24. Clinical Pharmacology Director 
  25. Clinical Research Director 
  26. Clinical Research Manager 
  27. Clinical Research Physician 
  28. Community Health Program Manager 
  29. Corporate Medical Director 
  30. District Health Director 
  31. District Health Officer 
  32. Director 
  33. Director of Medical Informatics 
  34. Drug Safety Director 
  35. Drug Safety Scientist 
  36. Executive Medical Director 
  37. Global Safety Director 
  38. Hospital Medical Director 
  39. Independent Reviewer 
  40. Initiated Trial Programs Director 
  41. Lead Medical Director 
  42. Marketing Director 
  43. Medical Affairs and Drug Safety Director 
  44. Medical Affairs Director 
  45. Medical Associate Director of Clinical Research 
  46. Medical Communications Director 
  47. Medical Communications Manager 
  48. Medical Consultant 
  49. Medical Curriculum Director 
  50. Medical Director 
  51. Medical Editor 
  52. Medical Education Director 
  53. Medical Information Manager 
  54. Medical Information Scientist 
  55. Medical Research Director 
  56. Medical Liaison 
  57. Medical Officer 
  58. Medical Safety Director 
  59. Medical Science Liaison 
  60. Medical Sciences Field Director 
  61. Medical Consultant 
  62. Medical Writer 
  63. National Medical Director 
  64. Physician 
  65. Physician Advisor 
  66. Physician Reviewer 
  67. Physician Specialist 
  68. Project Physician 
  69. Public Health Physician 
  70. Regional Medical Director 
  71. Senior Clinical Affairs Director 
  72. Senior Clinical Research Director 
  73. Senior Medical Director 
  74. Scientific Affairs Director 
  75. Scientific Director 
  76. Scientist 
  77. State Epidemiologist 
  78. State Health Officer 
  79. Supervisory Medical Officer 
  80. Vice President 
  81. Vice President Medical Director 
  82. Vice President of Medical Affairs 

Conclusion: Job Titles for Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians 

Having knowledge of the above job titles for non-clinical careers for physicians should help with both your job search and interviewing for a non-clinical position. 

James J. Mangraviti, Jr. is the co-founder of SEAK, Inc.’s annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference, held each year in Chicago.  SEAK’s Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference features a faculty of dozens of physicians who have experience in non-clinical and alternative careers.  Many of our faculty are SEAK alumni.  SEAK’s Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians conference also includes free 1-1 peer mentoring, the opportunity to interview with employers and recruiters, and a robust networking experience.  Jim can be reached at 508-457-1111 or