Physician burnout is a growing problem.  Burnout can occur because of stress, the repetitive nature of the practice of medicine, and working longer and harder for declining take home pay. Fortunately, there are two readily available cures for physician burnout: switching to a lucrative non-clinical career or ramping down your clinical hours and filling your time with interesting and lucrative consulting work.

Switch to a Non-Clinical Career.  There are numerous non-clinical career paths open to physicians.  These jobs are interesting and often pay more than clinical medicine.  Fields include Pharma, Insurance, Utilization Management, Telemedicine, Government, Venture Capital/Finance, Communications, Advertising, Journalism, Education, Consulting, Administration, Non-Profits, Writing, Public Health, and many others. For more information, please click here for the free White Paper, The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make When Switching to a Non-Clinical Career or visit

Diversify Your Practice and Supplement Your Income.  Burnout can often be successfully treated by lowering your hours and increasing your compensation.  There are numerous readily available ways for physicians to do this including: expert witnessing, disability and file review consulting, conducting independent medical examinations, and niche consulting.  These activities pay from $85 to over $1000/hour and most of the work can even be done from your home office.  For more information, please click here for the free White Paper, Four Proven Ways to Supplement Your Clinical Income or visit

If you feel burnt out, do not lose hope.  You very well may be able to cut down on your hours, increase your job satisfaction, and make work fun and interesting again by either transitioning to a non-clinical career or diversifying your practice by adding in lucrative consulting work.  Either route is often doable.  What is most required is the will to change and a certain amount of focus and effort.

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