Connie Pate, EdD recently was interviewed on how physicians can excel at their non-clinical career job interview. Dr. Pate will be speaking at the SEAK National Non Clinical Careers Conference to be held on October 25-26, 2014 in Chicago, IL.

Q. Dr. Pate, How can physicians go about getting that in-person interview for a non-clinical position?

  1.  Recruiters have to find you first:  keep your profile on LinkedIn up-to-date and use key words.
  2. The interview process starts when you respond to an email or answer the phone.  Be courteous, approachable, engaged, and transparent.
  3. Follow through on what you commit to.  If you say you’ll provide a resume by a certain time, do it.

 Q. How important is preparation for physician’s job interview for their first non-clinical position?

It’s never a good idea to “wing it” in an interview.  A critical factor for a successful interview is preparation:  1) know the company and 2) know thyself.  Be able to talk about your strengths and what you could bring to the job.  Know what you do well and be truthful about what you don’t do well.

 Q. What is the one question many physicians flub during their job interview?

Two questions most people flub:

  1. Why should I hire you? Be able to articulate your strengths as they relate to the position requirements.
  2. Tell me about yourself.  The answer needs to be succinct and related to the position.

 Q. Why do some physicians do so well on their in-person interview?

Physicians who do well on interviews are prepared, courteous, approachable, engaged, and transparent.  They demonstrate that they are nice people.

Your Job Interview: How to Excel

Connie Pate, Ed.D.

Ms. Pate will review the nine step interview process and the questions you want to ask about the position. She will explain why the first minute or two are the defining moments of most interviews. Ms. Pate will review the three types of questions you are likely to be asked and how best to respond to them. Ms. Pate will offer practical, concrete, specific advice on how to prepare for and excel at your non-clinical career interview.

Connie Pate, Ed.D. has over 20 years of experience in recruiting across the aerospace, financial services, management consulting and biotechnology industries. She has served as Senior Director of Workplace Planning and Staffing at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, National Director of Recruiting for Ernst & Young’s Management Consulting Practice, National Director of Recruiting for KPMG, Manager of Staffing Services for Aetna, and Manager of College Relations for E-Systems, a division of Raytheon. Prior to working in industry Connie held faculty and staff positions at the University of Arkansas where she also earned an MA in Communication and an Ed.D. in Higher Education.