Many physicians are now supplementing their income by performing independent medical exams (IME’s) and disability reviews. This work has the advantage of low or no overhead and can be done on the physician’s schedule.

Dr. Philip Marion will be speaking at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference on October 22 – 23, 2016 in Chicago.

Here is an interview with Dr. Marion:

Q:  Dr. Marion, what type of opportunities are available to physicians as a disability reviewer and independent medical examiner?

Disability reviewer/ independent medical examiner can work part time or full-time. You can work at home and set your own hours (for the review work). You can work as much or as little as your schedule allows.


Q:  What does a physician do as a disability reviewer and independent medical examiner?

Provide an independent comprehensive assessment and medical opinion. Questions can vary from issues of medical necessity (e.g., hospital admission/ length of stay, medical equipment, second opinion) to disability assessment and cause of injury; depending on the referral source.


Q:  What skills, experience, and training would be helpful to physicians to succeed as a disability reviewer and independent medical examiner?

The 3A’s of course (available, affable and ability). In addition, must be willing to have an independent opinion, adhere to case deadlines and provide a product that is comprehensive, logical and supportive of conclusions.


Q:  What one piece of advice would you give to physicians breaking into these fields?

Take the work as seriously as you would patient care.

Dr. Philip J. Marion is the Division Director for Rehabilitation Services and Clinical Professor of Medicine & Neurology at the George Washington University Medical Center.  He is also Medical Director at the VAMC for Polytrauma Amputation Network Site.  As a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow and Congressional Fellow, Dr. Marion provided policy analysis for relevant health committees in the United States Senate.  Dr. Marion has extensive expertise in rehabilitation medicine program development, medical pain management and prosthetics/orthotics assessment.  Dr. Marion is triple board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.  He has extensive experience in performing IME exams and file reviews.