Opportunities Available for Physicians with Consulting Firms: What is Available and How to Go After Them

So you want to be a consultant? Dr. Andrew Ziskind, Managing Director, Huron Healthcare, has made the jump from practicing interventional cardiologist to hospital CEO to consultant. He’ll share his insights at the 10th Annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference.

Dr. Ziskind will discuss:

Who is hiring:  the likely demand from national, regional and local consulting firms over the next few years.

What a physician can bring to a consulting firm:  the personal traits, skills and knowledge base that are relevant to succeeding in consulting, and which kinds of consulting work require the expertise of a physician.  Some examples:  clinical transformation, strategic alignment, clinical integration, optimization of electronic health records, and clinical analytics.

When to make the transition: how to tell when you’re ready to switch, and how much clinical experience is optimal for a physician-consultant.

Where to start looking:  working with headhunters, using LinkedIn and other social media, networking at meetings.

Why some physicians may be happier working for a consulting firm than in clinical practice or hospital employment, and how to tell whether you’re one of them.

How physicians can prepare for making the transition into consulting:  by taking administrative responsibilities within their organization or by pursuing additional educational credentials.

The Consulting Lifestyle and what it really means to live George Clooney’s life in “Up In The Air”

Dr. Ziskind has held senior level administrative positions at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, University of Washington, University of Maryland and earned an MBA from the Sellinger School of Business in Maryland.