Is Clinical Practice Draining Your Life From You?
By: Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder, F.P.


“Wow. There are other physicians who want out of clinic, and an entire conference devoted to showing them how.”  I plopped down on the curb beside my mailbox as I excitedly scanned the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians brochure that had found its way to my mailbox. Immediately, I felt a sense of relief knowing I wasn’t alone; there were other doctors unhappy in their careers. For a brief moment I wondered how SEAK found me – I hadn’t told anyone I wanted out of medicine. It felt like a dark secret I was almost ashamed of. After all the time and money I had devoted to becoming a respected physician, how could I possibly want out?

Yet I was absolutely miserable in my private practice; burned out, emotionally and physically exhausted, and not an ounce of passion left for my career as a family practice physician. I dreaded going to work, with only the lure of making it to the weekend to drag me out of bed each day. My unhappiness at the end of the day was starting to affect my personal life. My daughter had stopped asking me to help with her homework, because I had no patience left.  I was too tired for things I enjoyed like swimming laps, taking the kids to the park, or even going out to dinner with my spouse.

One evening I returned home from a particularly stressful day, greeted at the door by my elderly and affectionate cat. She began meowing loudly, happy to see me. It put me over the edge. I began yelling at my cat “WHAT? What do you want? Everybody wants something from me! Leave me alone – I AM TIRED.”

That was the wake-up call that I could no longer continue this way. But I had no idea how to start making a career change. What were my career options, was I qualified for them, and would I enjoy it? Would I have to move? Could I make enough money? How long would it take? And how in the world would I find extra time in my day to devote to finding a new career?

With more questions than answers, I made the first step by attending the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. It was by far the best decision I have made in my career. In only one weekend, I learned how to start transitioning out of my clinical practice into a new career. Since then, I have left full-time practice and started my own business as a national speaker and consultant. I enjoy my life again, having time for myself, family, and yes, even the cat.

One lesson we should have learned as physicians is that life is unpredictable and short; illness, injuries, and life responsibilities can at any moment limit the choices and opportunities we have. If your career is draining your life from you, do not waste another moment stuck in routine. Meet me in Chicago this October and commit to moving forward to a career you enjoy. I’ll show you the exact steps to get started, career options, and how to find the time to make change. You’ve given your time and energy to caring for others; you deserve a few days away devoted to your well-being and your future.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Julia Pewitt Kinder, DO is a busy mom of three (Ella has Down syndrome), author, national speaker, and career consultant/coach. Dr. Kinder has established herself as an authority on a variety of topics including corporate and employee wellness, motivation, fitness, early childhood education, non-clinical careers, and Down syndrome. She combines her medical background and passion for health and living Right Now to create powerful presentations. Since 2007, she has lectured to over 40 audiences across the country. With an on-line presence through her website (, blog, and social media, Dr Kinder understands the power of these avenues in promoting a non-clinical career. Through Twitter alone, she has created partnerships with two national companies. Dr. Kinder is Board Certified in Family Practice and maintains a part time private practice in Jackson, Missouri in addition to serving as staff physician for Tri-County Hospice.