Interested in a Non-Clinical Career? Know What You Want and CLEARLY Communicate it on your Resume

By: Charlotte Weeks

If you’re a physician and want to change fields, it’s certainly possible to do so. However, you also have to convince the hiring manager that you’re capable of taking on a new role.

First, it’s vital that you know what type of job you’re targeting. Many career changers know what they’re moving away FROM, but fewer know what it is that they’re moving TOWARDS. While you may be open to several different types of jobs, your resume won’t be very effective if it’s too vague. Employers and recruiters are busy, and they won’t take the time to connect the dots between their open positions and your capabilities. Considering they’ll spend less than 10 seconds scanning your resume the first time, they need to quickly be able to see how you are a fit – and you can only do this if you know the role you want.

Once you’re clear on your goal, the next step is to clearly communicate it on your resume. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a heading with your desired job target. While not exactly an objective, it does serve the same purpose. Then, make sure that the rest of the resume provides evidence (i.e. examples of accomplishments, transferable skills, relevant duties, etc.) for why you can do the target job.

Even if you’re confident in your abilities to take on a new role, the employer needs to be convinced. Boost your odds of getting an interview by helping them easily see that you can do the job.

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Charlotte Weeks  is an executive career coach and professional resume writer.  She is the CEO of Weeks Career Services and the Past President of the National Resume Writers’ Association.  Ms. Weeks is a Certified Career Management Coach, a  Nationally Certified Resume Writer, and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.  Prior to starting her own firm, Ms. Weeks worked in Human Resources at the American Medical Association.  She is the author of the books, I want to Work in an Association – Now What??? And 101 Ways to Enhance Your Career, has contributed to the books Resumes That Pop, Step-by-Step Cover Letters, and The Twitter Job Search Guide, has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, and has made numerous media appearances.