Inertia & Physicians Changing Careers: What Jack & Suzy Welch Recommend Thousands of physicians are not happy or satisfied with their current employment situation. The recent Medscape Physician compensation 2015 report indicates that less than 50% of physicians feel that they are fairly compensated and approximately 50% ( depending on specialty) feel satisfied with their current employment situation.

What are physicians doing about these issues? Many physicians, due mainly to inertia; fear of the unknown are doing nothing and continuing with their daily routines.

Many physicians, however are confronting their unhappiness and seeking alternative non-clinical careers and, or, sources of supplemental income. In their recent book: THE REAL-LIFE MBA Jack & Suzie Welch devote a chapter (what should I do with my life) to career change, they recommend that one undertake a career assessment process called Area of Destiny (AOD).

Here is what they say

“Here’s how it works. Imagine your life as two superhighways. One course with the stuff you are very good at, the other with the stuff you really love to do. Now, imagine those superhighways intersecting. Right there- at the overlap of your capabilities and your happiness-lies the site where you ideally you should build your (new) career….you’ve got to be brutally honest about your skills, capabilities and values. You may even need to do a bit of soul-searching”